Insults - Insults and profanity in French

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Not everyone likes to swear, I hate this society full of swear words and sexually suggestive slang. But in any language it is interesting to learn insults and profanity, both to curse and to know if no one is cursing you. With this in mind we created this article talking about some bad words and insults in French.

Use it wisely!

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Francês
Dumb Bête, stupide
Useless Boulet
Miserável Bougre
Boring, Boring Chiant, chiante
Stupid Débile, abruti
King of idiots Roi des cons
Ass Cul
Viado Emmanché, pédé, encullé
Stew Bouffon, niaiseux
Douchebag Emmerdeur
Asshole Imbécile, andouille
Bad character Fumier
Son of a bitch Fils de pute / Fils de Chienne
Crazy, crazy Fou / Folle
Bag-pulling Lèche-cul
Shit Merde
Idiot Noob, crétin
Piriguete Pétasse
Bitch Pute / Putain / Garce
Mouse Rat
Fool Sot
Shut up Ta gueule
Shut the ball Tais toi
Foda-se Va te faire foutre
Wanker Branleur
Robber Brigand
Vulture Buse
Illiterate Analphabète
Retardado Attardé
Female dog Chiennasse
Shit Chier
Son of a bitch Connasse
Shit Couillon
Fuck Niquer
Filth Ordure
Hick Péquenaud
Bastard Salopard
Female dog Salope
Weak person Mauviette
Eat shit Mange-merde
P | year of dish Lavette
Fairy Jeannette
Unable Incapable
Crap guide Guide de merde
Gourd Gourde
Scoundrel Fripouille
Shit Étron

I hope you enjoy!