Different ways of saying in Portuguese and English

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In this article we will learn different ways to say a certain word or phrase in Portuguese and English. So you make your vocabulary richer, and get out of sameness. Be careful, because there are certain phrases and words that have their moment or occasion to be said, so we recommend that you take a closer look at these English words and phrases in person.

Remember that the words in Portuguese and English can be translated differently but can still be used for the same purpose as the Portuguese word in the list below.

I agree.
I agree.
I agreed.
All right.
That's fine by me.
I'd agree.

No kidding?
Are you sure?
Is that true?
Are you serious?

Nice to meet. 
Nice to meet you.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
I am pleased to meet you.
Glad to meet you.

Impossible! It can not be
It can't be!
No way!
No way.

Silence! or Keep quiet! 
Do be quiet.
Keep quiet!
Be quiet!
Shut up!
Be quiet.
Keep your mouth shut.

Let's start!
Let us begin.
Let's start.
Let's begin.
Let's get started!
Let's start!
Let's get started.

Give up! 
Forget it.
Just leave it.
Give it up.
Oh well.
Come off it.

Be right back.
I will be back soon.
I'll be right back.
I'll be back soon.
I'll be back in a wink.
I'll come back soon.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
I'll be back right away.
I'll be back shortly.

Hurry up.
Make rod.
Hurry it up!
Look sharp!

So what?
And what?
Then what?
And then?

I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I am tired.
I am exhausted.
I'm sleepy!
I am spent.
I'm tired!
I am very tired.
I am tired!
I'm fatigued.

Calm down.
Calm down!
Keep calm.
Cool down.
Be still.

See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Goodbye till tomorrow.
Goodbye. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow!
Until tomorrow.

It is true.
It's true.
This is true.
That's true.
It's right.
It's real.

No problems.
No problem.
It should be no problem.
There's no harm done.
No problem.
Nothing is happening.
Nothing's going on.

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