Musical instruments in Portuguese and English

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In this article you will find a complete table with the main musical instruments in Portuguese and English. Musical instruments - musical instruments 

We advise you to have a little knowledge in English pronunciation so you don't end up learning to pronounce the instruments the wrong way.



Musical instruments in Portuguese and English


Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Inglês
accordion accordion
low bass guitar ou bass
banjo banjo
drums drum kit
bombo bass drum
ukulele ukulele
bugle bugle
clarinet clarinet
contrabass double bass
bugle cornet
cymbals cymbals
bassoon bassoon
triangle triangle
bevel flute recorder
flute flute
piccolo piccolo
hornpipe bagpipes
gong gong
acoustic guitar acoustic guitar
classical guitar classical guitar (também chamado/a Spanish guitar)
Guitar electric guitar
guitar guitar
harmonica harmonica ou mouth organ
harp harp
oboe oboe
tambourine tambourine
percussion drums
Grand piano grand piano
piano piano
saxophone saxophone
snare drum snare drum
keyboard electronic keyboard (muitas vezes abreviado parakeyboard)
trombone trombone
horn horn ou French horn
trumpet trumpet
tuba tuba
viola viola
violin violin
cello cello
xylophone xylophone
organ organ

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