How to succeed in learning a new language? #two

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras”, today we will continue this article so opportune for those who are a little lost on how to organize themselves for their studies or make the most of their time. You can read the first article by clicking here. 


In the previous article we said that just as you have time to resolve an appointment or time to get up, in the study of languages ​​you need time to study, What is this best time? The answer can only be given, but how can we help? well, do you have EVERY day 10-15 minutes? 5 minutes? "AHHHHHHHHHHH but this is my lunch break, it's sacred" but WE ARE sure that while you eat, you are watching TV, watching your social networks, listening to music, watching videos on Youtube, reading something ... so am I right ?? or maybe this time available is more than 15 minutes, sometimes it extends to an hour, since many depend on public transport such as bus, subway or train… we understand that it can be difficult to study on a full transport, but the tips ahead will be useful to you. An honest assessment of our routine WILL REVEAL that we have time.

But I don't work yet, I'm just studying or my work is flexible or part time, Better yet, reader, you have time, just make an honest assessment of how you use your time.


This point is not far from the first, but here we have already started on Tips on how to take the time to study a language, Many like to listen to music, others to listen to the news, others to audiobooks, whatever, use this as an ally to learn a language, how about dedicating yourself to or from somewhere listening to a Podcast teaching a language? or maybe a podcast in the language you're learning. But you are like me who does not give up a good song, Ok, but how about listening to songs in that language? or you like listening to news, download a radio from your country that speaks the language you are learning on your Smartphone, or download an app with news written in the language you are learning and create a new “bank” of words in your Device notes , or download a Flashcard and always use it, if in the city you live in, newspapers and magazines in the language you are learning are available and printed on sale at newsstands, buy! it will help a lot, or you like audiobooks, no problem, nowadays there is no shortage of audio in several languages, use this to your advantage, I have a colleague who uses lunch time to study the Arabic alphabet, use yours well time.

TIP: If you are looking for free audio and don't mind listening to Bible topics, we recommend - this website is available in more than 700 languages ​​and you can download audio, video, Epub, PDF and other publications for free, which includes the Bible, all recordings are made by natives, which helps a lot in grammar, listening and if you are religious it increases your faith.



You may use an app, videos on youtube, use books or even take a course, but how can you make the most of what you have at your disposal? Learn to pan! As well? maybe you use more than one APP to learn a language, how about using one or two? sometimes several apps just discourage us and we don't learn anything.

videos on youtube are VERY useful, but be selective, and use videos according to your level, but if you just want to improve your ear, use and abuse movies and youtubers that make videos in the language you are learning.

Books to learn a language is vital, whether printed or digital, they are very important, since when you choose a good book it teaches you from grammar to basic conversation, not to mention the audio CDs that you can put on the pendrive or portable device and go listening to train the ear and improve even the pronunciation.

TIP: Whenever possible, choose Books with CD, as it will help a lot in your learning to hear a native speaking.

Courses are important, as a teacher is usually fluent or even native in the language, which gives a huge help in your learning, but if your course is not helping you a lot in this and you are paying dearly and you are not learning, don't be afraid to venture into being self-taught or changing schools, each person adapts to a pace and methodology.



Dose how much material you are going to use, even if it comes down to a book and a dictionary, if you are self-taught take advantage of the many communities on social networks to answer your questions or even use ONLY youtube to study, YES IT IS POSSIBLE, but for that, know how to pan and make a good program.

TIP: Make a Schedule and use it always, put time and study time, and what you are going to study that day, if you are having difficulties at any point, use about 4 days to study that point.


Find out why you want to learn a language, and always resort to it so as not to give up studying, as there will be occasions when you will want to do this, if it is difficult to find a motivation, watch videos of Polyglots speaking the languages ​​you know, this will give you the gas you need, let's leave some examples.

This video gives other tips, try to put them into practice.

Some polyglots

Richard Simcott

Hugues Baudrillart

Tim Tonner

Good! I sincerely hope that these tips have been of help to you, reader.

Just for today… until next time.