How to encourage study during school holidays

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School holidays are one of the most awaited moments for children and teenagers. They want to take the opportunity to play or, in the case of the older ones, go out with friends and have fun.

Although this relaxation activity is important, it is possible to encourage children to study even at this time, with the idea of travel during vacation to a historic site or play learning. See tips that will help the little ones (and the big ones) to feel encouraged to study on vacation:

read with children

A practical and interesting activity to do with the smallest. Take a few minutes of the day to read with them, it could be a new book on the shelf or a story they like very much.

Take the opportunity to take turns in the activity a little. Start reading, then ask the child to continue. You can encourage her to read and interpret what she is seeing there.

Present educational games

Games are also a great way to learn while playing. Present novelties that will require strategy and even mathematics on the part of children and adolescents. The little ones will have fun with a memory game, now, if they are over 7 years old, other games are welcome.

Play with Banco Imobiliário to work on mathematics and strategy, with Jogo da Vida, following almost the same idea or Detective, aiming to unravel a mystery.

Take an educational trip

Planning to travel and get out of town? This moment can become educational if you visit a historic city or region. There are several of them spread across Brazil and you can tell the children a little about the region.

Even if they haven't studied about it at school yet, comment that the region is part of Brazil's history and how remarkable it is.

Enroll your child in a summer course

Consider the idea of enrolling your child or teenager in a vacation course, but focus on something your child enjoys. These can be English or Spanish classes and even different courses, such as cooking for children.

The most important thing is not to overload the little ones. Think it's a booster, a special moment and not something forced.

Go to the theater or cinema

Theater and cinema are cultural activities and can yield learning, an incentive to study during the holidays. Take your children to theater plays or movies with an important lesson, but always respect the age rating.

Today, with streaming, it is also possible to exchange the cinema for a movie session at home. So much so that, during your session, it's worth a break for a snack and to talk a little about what you're watching.

Take walks outdoors

Outdoor walks also allow learning and studying. Take the children for a walk in the park or square near the house and encourage sports that require strategy. You can play soccer or volleyball, for example.

If possible, bring your child's friends or arrange a date with other mothers. The purpose of the game is to allow them to play and set goals, helping to stay focused.

Go to the museum or visit an exhibition

Museums and exhibitions open elsewhere promise a fun learning opportunity. Take the kids to meet the locals and talk to them. 

For example, if you're studying Ancient Egypt, an exhibit on mummies and sarcophagi is a good choice. Now, if the teenagers are already learning about Cubism in art class, take them to see paintings by artists of the time.

Encourage the child to tell stories

Imagination and storytelling is a way to contribute to learning and work on creativity. Sit down with your child, especially younger ones, and encourage storytelling.

With teenagers, it is also worth working on writing skills, with small essays. Instead of proposing a theme, leave it free and ask him to tell a story, a short story.