Feelings and Emotions in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will learn some feelings and emotions in Portuguese and English. I hope this article helps you to express your feelings in Portuguese and English the way you wanted.

Remembering that this article has most of the existing feelings and emotions, both good and bad. They are organized in alphabetical order, and you can use the page finder (CTRL + F) to search for the word you are looking for.

English feeling is feelings, while emotions is emotions.

List of Feelings and Emotions in Portuguese and English

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Inglês 
dejection dejection
worship adoration
affection affection
affliction woe
agitation agitation
agony agony
alarm alarm
joy cheerfulness
joy contentment
joy gaiety
joy joy
relief relief
bitterness bitterness
love love
anguish anguish
anguish distress
anxiety anxiety
seizure apprehension
repentance regret
repentance repentance
haunt amazement
haunt astonishment
attraction attraction
avarice greed
aversion dislike
affection fondness
jealousy jealousy
commotion shock
compassion compassion
compassion sympathy
fault guilt
damage hurt
depression depression
defeat defeat
disappointment disappointment
desire desire
desire longing
hopelessness hopelessness
despair despair
disgust disgust
disgust revulsion
contempt contempt
contempt scorn
discouragement dismay
fun amusement
fun glee
pain pain
embarrassment embarrassment
emotion thrill
enthusiasm enthusiasm
hope hope
euphoria euphoria
exasperation exasperation
excitement excitement
excitement arousal
happiness bliss
happiness happiness
ferocity ferocity
frustration frustration
fury fury
hysteria hysteria
horror horror
hostility hostility
humiliation humiliation
inclination liking
indignation outrage
infidelity unhappiness
insecurity insecurity
insolation isolation
insult insult
envy envy
will wrath
irritation irritation
joy elation
joy jubilation
lust lust
fear fear
melancholy melancholy
misery misery
mortification mortification
nervousness nervousness
nostalgia homesickness
obsession infatuation
proud pride
optimism optimism
passion passion
feather pity
to weight grief
to weight sorrow
pleasure delight
pleasure enjoyment
pleasure pleasure
concern caring
concern uneasiness
concern worry
panic panic
rage anger
rage rage
bitterness spite
recreation exhilaration
rejection rejection
remorse remorse
resentment resentment
satisfaction satisfaction
Suffering suffering
loneliness loneliness
surprise surprise
scare fright
fear dread
voltage tenseness
tenderness tenderness
horror terror
torment torment
sadness gloom
sadness sadness
triumph triumph
shame shame
zeal zeal
craving eagerness
ecstasy ecstasy
ecstasy rapture
hate hate
hate, aversion loathing

Example sentences

To end the article we will leave some example sentences so that you can learn to express feelings and emotions in Portuguese and English.

  • I'm feeling a little confused.
  •  I'm feeling a little bit confused.

  • I'm ashamed when you do that.
  • I get so embarrassed when you do this.

  • Have you ever been in love?
  • Have you ever been in love?

  • I'm exhausted
  • I'm exhausted.

  • I feel sorry for those people.
  • I feel pity for those people.

I hope that these example sentences are enough to learn the feelings and emotions in Portuguese and English.