What are the biggest difficulties in learning English?

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We all have personal difficulties when learning English or another language. Sometimes we are too lazy to study, lack of time, lack of interest, lack of money, etc. In addition to personal difficulties, one of the main things that hinder the learning of English is its totally different pronunciation and its writing and grammar.

Neste artigo eu quero falar um pouco sobre essas dificuldades e deixar algumas dicas de como você pode enfrenta-las e aprender definitivamente o inglês. Lembrando que esse artigo também pode ser de ajuda caso você esteja aprendendo outro idioma como japonês, francês, espanhol, chinês e etc.

Personal difficulties

Sometimes the greatest difficulty in learning English is in ourselves. One of my biggest enemies of the study is the lack of responsibility and procrastination. I personally cannot dedicate myself to studies on a daily basis, I have neither the spirit nor the desire to study. What to do if you have the same problem?

To end this bad habit and have the courage to study and reach fluency you must create good habits and end the things that make you lazy and lacking in spirit. Sometimes social media, games, TV or something else takes up a lot of your time, and you feel discouraged to study English.

You must discover your motivation in your studies and create a habit of studying that is within your reach. If you are still experiencing personal difficulties you can ask a friend for help, remove distractions, use a to-do list and above all you cannot give up.

If you think you are getting nowhere, look back and acknowledge your progress and efforts. With help you will be able to overcome these moments of difficulty.

The greatest difficulty of English - Pronunciation

In my opinion the biggest difficulty with English is its pronunciation. I myself find it much easier to learn Japanese than English due to the complicated pronunciation. English has several syllables and phonemes that we never thought to pronounce, making our progress very difficult.

Pronouncing together with grammar are responsible for giving up thousands of people who wanted to learn Japanese, but ended up giving up. Unfortunately the only way to tackle the pronunciation barrier is by listening and speaking a lot of English content.

There is no secret to overcome this difficulty, you just should not be discouraged! Learning how to pronounce it takes a lot of time, so don't let this difficulty stop you from learning English.

Other difficulties

Se você acha que não pode aprender inglês porque não tem dinheiro para pagar um curso, saiba que é possível aprender inglês sozinho e mais rápido que qualquer curso.  Por isso recomendamos que continue acompanhando nosso site que ensina dicas e métodos de estudo de idiomas.

To finish this article I will leave a video of our partner Mairo Vergara talking about that subject.