English game terms (rpg, games)

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Want to play a game like RPG in Portuguese and English, but don't understand anything? In this article you will learn most of the terms and words used in games, mainly RPGs, MMORPGs, arcades, consoles and several others.

First, we will have a vocabulary list with some common words and terms found in some games. Then we will have a list of abbreviations and slang used in games, mainly in MMOs.

Games vocabulary in Portuguese and English

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Portuguese inglês 
weapon (in general) weapon
weapon gun
armor armor
shortcut shortcut
attack, attack strike
increase increase
increased strength, power power-up
level increase level-up
hit, hit hit
witch witch
search, search quest
box, trunk chest
path, path path, road, way
hunt, hunter hunt, hunter
purchase buy
chain chain
run, run away run
heal, restore heal
challenge challenge
give up quit
distant far away
charm, magic spell
find, found find, found
once Upon a time once upon a time
make mistakes, lose miss
shield shield
espada sword, blade
strength, power power
warrior warrior
killer slayer, killer
meter gauge
master master
dead dead
level level
the time is over time up
lost lost
Danger danger
character character
close near
next phase next stage.
restart the game resume game.
output exit
follow follow
try again try again
land, region, nation land.
treasure treasure
shot, shot shot
velocity speed
sell sell
you lost you lose
you won you win.

PC Games and RPGs Terms

  • Mod - Modification
  • MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online
  • LOL - Laughing out loud
  • AFK - It means Away From Keyboard - Away from the Keyboard or absent
  • Arcadian - Arcade.
  • Wave - wave of enemies
  • Turn-based - Turn-based game.
  • Shooter - Shooting game.
  • RTS - Real Time Strategy - Real time strategy games.
  • PvP - Player vs Player
  • NPC –Non Player Character - Characters controlled by the computer.
  • Survival Horror - Survival game with terror.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Unfortunately many other terms were left outside, who knows in the future we may update or create another similar article.