4 Study Techniques for English Proficiency Exams

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Many people don't know the proficiency exam and its function. But the truth is that it can be very beneficial to someone's professional life, especially if it's done in English.

Basically, this test in English is used to identify if a person is capable of a foreign language, that is, if he is able to speak, understand, write and read in the language. 

A practical example of how it works: it's like when a company that manufactures inductive sensor need to hire a new employee. She conducts an interview and, in order to hire him, ensures that he has mastery of the area. 

Receiving this certificate helps the individual to live abroad, stand out in the job market, finish studies in the language or just improve the curriculum. In addition, it is essential for pursuing a master's and doctoral degree.

This exam determines the individual's level of English. It does not require a specific form of study, as it is not necessary to present a course certificate, so the student is free to learn as he wishes.

In other words, it doesn't need the candidate to have something filled out about their completion of an English course. It's like having a white label, does not need to have any information to be used.

Generally, all evaluative steps, reading, speaking, writing and listening skills, are carried out on the same day. The types of assessment vary between the analyzed capabilities. 

In other words, the general function of the English proficiency exam is to prove the ability and fluency in a foreign language. In addition, the certificate allows the person to teach the language, do academic courses abroad and even manage to live there. 

There are different types of tests to assess proficiency. Each of them is best suited for a specific situation and decided purpose. 

How to prepare for the test

These exams are standardized, that is, they follow a rigid model. Therefore, in order to be successful, you need to adopt some tactics, such as the ones below:

  1. Discipline in studies;
  2. Daily practice;
  3. Carry out simulations;
  4. Search about the exam.

Therefore, so that preparation is better and there is greater understanding of how to carry out each activity, they will be analyzed separately and in more detail.

  1. Discipline in studies

Preparing for a complex test like this takes a long time and requires a lot of dedication, since, to reach a certain level of fluency, it takes time for the brain to absorb the information. 

The proficiency exam also analyzes the most advanced vocabulary that is different from the candidate's daily life, so it is important to seek more information and leave the comfort zone. 

It is necessary to create a study schedule and follow it. Often, people leave certain activities aside due to the rush of daily life, but with this preparation this cannot happen. It takes focus and constancy.

It is worth remembering that the exam is paid for, so if the investment is made, it must be worth it. And for that, it is vital that the student does not give up and persist, especially if that is what he wants. 

Study every day. After all, for a race with so many evaluations and specifications, it is impossible to leave everything to the last minute. Set aside a period of the day to analyze the contents already seen and learn some new points, always recapitulating. 

  1. daily practice

just like a surface treatment it must be done frequently to improve the soil, practice the areas and, above all, speaking in English constantly helps to evolve for the test. 

The ability to converse in English is also assessed. However, to learn the conversation, the candidate has to speak aloud and train pronunciation and the ability to think in another language during the dialogue. 

So, talk daily, with anyone. It can be with a family member, a friend, a teacher or even yourself. The important thing is to speak. Talk about whatever comes to mind or a specific topic.

An interesting thing to do to train the so-called “speaking” is to explain everyday things, such as work, to someone or to nothing. In this way, it is possible to expand vocabulary and pronunciation.

Another valid tactic in this topic is to train professional presentations that will be held, but in English. This way, both the presentation is trained and the language, without wasting time or having to reserve part of the day for studies.

  1. perform simulations

As well as companies of acoustic treatment study the customer to understand which materials need to be changed to improve sales, understanding how the test works allows an analysis of what needs to have more time invested. 

As mentioned, these tests follow a working model, so train doing simulations from other years. In this way, it is possible to understand the structure of the test and specialize in each point of it.

In addition, it is possible to analyze which parts are having the most difficulty and need to be improved, and which parts are already mastered and do not need to receive as much attention.

Another advantage of taking pre-tests is that the candidate can get a sense of his level of English and if he reaches the desired category. In this way, it is possible to decide the best time to actually perform the exam.

just like a alarm monitoring ensures the security of the establishment where it was installed, evaluating the results of an unofficial test allows the candidate to take the test safely if he thinks he has a chance. 

The internet is a very broad way to find tools to help with training. That's because there are several tests available on the platform that can be performed.

Download the tests that are in accordance with the proficiency test that will be taken. Look for a quiet place and an uninterrupted day, like a library on weekends, and study. 

At this stage, it is vital that the exercises are practiced, but timed, since the official examination requires that each step be performed within a period. 

This way it is possible to understand which parts are taking the longest and organize each activity according to the amount of effort that will be invested.

By doing this, there will be no unforeseen events during the official test, as the candidate will already know how much time to spend in each stage, as well as having adapted to the test.

For example, if a person who depends on internet equipment for a big event, she trains and schedules the actions of the day, she will be able to understand how to act in the moment and how to avoid unforeseen events.

  1. Search about the exam

Before going out studying and paying for any proficiency exam, it is important to understand which exam best fits your objectives and characteristics.

So do a lot of research, analyze each test, understand how each one can be beneficial to your goals, and then decide which one to study and prepare for.

By knowing how the test works, it's possible to be like a nylon filter, that is, separating what works from the objectives and discarding the evidence that will not bring direct consequences. 

4 técnicas de estudos para exames de proficiência em inglês

Benefits of studying for these tactics

By following these tips and tactics, you can create a clear goal and a path to reach it. In addition to performing the test with focus, the desired results will be much closer. 

In other words, apart from learning a new foreign language, it is still possible to earn a certificate that will help you stand out in the field you want.

Just as certain companies help entrepreneurs choose the best alternatives, such as a accounting consultancy, following these tactics a guide is created for candidates on how to prepare.


Taking an English proficiency exam adds several points and advantages to the candidate's life. It's not something impossible, as it's often described by some people, but it's a process that needs dedication and willpower.

It is important to have support from friends and family in this process. So share your goal with them and ask for help if you need it. 

It serves anyone and any type of goal that you want to achieve with the help of this certificate, even more because it does not require a prerequisite for completing an English course.

Therefore, it is possible to achieve the goals, as long as some study techniques important are followed. Just remember the acronym DPSP, which is the equivalent for discipline, practice, simulations and research.

By taking these strategies into account and truly dedicating yourself, the goals can be easily achieved. This way, the exam result will be incredible and it will be able to open many doors to wonderful paths for each candidate.

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