Creative Writing: 10 Key Techniques to Improve Your Stories

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Many people may not even know, however, the creative writing it is a technique that is within everyone's reach. After all, it is an original production that aims to generate interest and engagement in the reader.

In times where information is a necessity for people, knowing how to write and create intelligent content is the way to achieve many goals. But sometimes we suffer from some blocks that prevent us from using our creativity.

All human beings are born creative, see children, who have fertile imaginations and are able to express them in many ways.

However, as they grow and mature, they begin to cultivate the habits of the majority. For example, we usually take the same route every day, whether it's home to work or work to college.

These actions end up accustoming the brain to a pattern of behavior. On the one hand, that's good, because that's how we create a physical exercise routine, for example.

But on the other hand, this sucks, especially when we need to create something, as in the case of writing. In this article, we'll explain what creative writing is, how to keep your mind creative, and show you some tips. Check out!

Escrita criativa: 10 técnicas fundamentais para aprimorar as suas histórias

What is creative writing?

There are different types of texts that we come into contact with every day, and some have standardized formats, such as:

  • Revenues;
  • medical prescriptions;
  • Financial reports;
  • Instruction manuals.

Those who write these texts cannot escape a pattern, on the other hand, creative writing gives you the freedom to tell stories in different ways and without copying other content.

The objective is to make people think about other forms of textual production. For example, they can explain how a digital tachograph using different languages, structures and formats.

Unlike what we usually see in a technical or administrative writing, creative writing brings countless possibilities to tell something.

There are courses that teach this technique so that professionals can develop the skill. Therefore, it can be a natural gift or it can be learned through study and training.

It is important because at various times a person may need to write something. By improving this skill, we improve concentration, creativity and acquire the habit of reading.

Creative writing is important to establish communication, without it, we would not be able to talk to a greater number of people, as content for the web, newspapers, magazines and many other media do.

Also, writing is a way to organize ideas and follow a line of reasoning. A maker of alignment machine, for example, can improve your arguments, and this is important to get a better space in the market.

Here we enter into the various possibilities for applying this technique, and one of them is the creation of texts for content marketing.

The modern consumer is hungry for information, and the brand that brings this information to people is highlighted. But they need to be well written and have quality, therefore, it is necessary to know how to write them to communicate them.

Creative writing also applies to books, advertisements, short stories and even proofreading. Regardless of where it's applied, it's critical to communicating any message.

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How to keep your mind creative

Creative writing, as its name suggests, depends on creativity. But how can we keep it at its peak? Some important tips were listed. Among them are:

read and write daily

The foundation for good writing is reading. Those who work writing a lot end up neglecting everything that is not related to their work, but this ends up limiting the creativity of the mind.

One tip is to go back to reading the types of books you like best. Also, write every day, especially if this activity is not part of your job.

A tip is to create a personal blog and publish daily texts on any subject that interests you. Blogs are great channels for companies such as a maker of surgical cap, but they can be used for other subjects, such as:

  • Health;
  • Beauty;
  • Tourism;
  • Decoration;
  • Movie theater;
  • Literature.

There are many possibilities, so choose a topic you like and start writing to improve your skill.

Studying other people's creative texts

Do an analysis of texts written by other people, so you can learn a little about their style and capture some ideas for your production.

Here, everything is valid, from a text on a company's website to a novel. The more creative writings you analyze, the more ideas and inspiration you will have.

Escrita criativa: 10 técnicas fundamentais para aprimorar as suas histórias

Tips for Improving Creative Writing

To improve your writing, there are some simple strategies that can help. So, among them, we have:

1. Write down all ideas

Some ideas are valuable, so jot them all down in a notebook, save on your cell phone, or use an app. So it doesn't matter if you're going to talk about a feed display or a love from the past, good ideas will always be at your fingertips.

The practice of recording will become a routine, and when writing, consulting your notes will show you the way.

2. Prefer short sentences

Short sentences reduce errors and are easier for the reader. Furthermore, it becomes possible to avoid conjunctions, concordance errors and other details.

Intersperse short sentences with long periods, as this helps bring more cadence to the texts, which holds the reader's attention.

3. Write clear and objective texts

Readers are looking for concise and clear information about a topic, so eliminate unimportant excerpts and overly long sentences.

If you are talking about pedal sealer, select the important information and display it clearly, without fumbling. And you will gain a lot if you learn a little about the topic before writing it.

4. Reduce adjectives

The adjective qualifies the noun, but in an essay it can be harmful. Therefore, include only essential adjectives in the text.

Eliminate empty qualifications like “wonderful dress”, prefer “beautiful dress”. Creative writing is also about cutting excesses.

5. Prefer simple words

There is nothing more boring than reading a text full of unknown words or words that could be replaced by others.

who will read about occupational safety consultancy it is a person and not a dictionary, so choose common words that everyone understands.

6. Observe the construction of sentences

A well-structured sentence is easily understood, therefore, it should be short, objective and in the direct order of the subject. Write as if you were talking to a person, and to further enrich the content, expose your knowledge.

Follow good scanning practices as they ensure clear material, both for the content itself and for its visual appearance.

7. Use positive phrases

Some people confuse creative writing with fancy language, but texts that grab people's attention aren't quite like that.

Do not use negative phrases, for example, if you are talking about condominium law, show only what it is and what it is not.

8. Use active voice

Have the reader perform an action, for example, “so and so did the laundry”, instead of “so and so did the laundry”.

Passive voice, as well as the use of many adjectives, unfamiliar words and very long sentences affect reading. If the reader needs to go back to understand what they've read, it's best to rewrite the text.

9. Seek inspiration

We need to look for inspiration to be more creative, regardless of whether we are writing about sinks or about a trip.

It's interesting to work on the environment where you write, for example, putting on soft music and researching more about the subject. Make a list of words as they help to avoid writer's block. Also, have a list of speech figures.

10. Search for information

Don't just stick to the subject you write, go in search of information on other topics, after all, knowledge doesn't take up space.

When we know different subjects, we open up the range of vocabularies, something essential for creative writing. The more we read, the more baggage we acquire, which brings different points of view, avoids repetition of words and makes the text more fluid.


Problems and creative blocks are normal, so don't worry when they come. Practice and persistence, along with didactics, are ways to gradually improve writing and boost ideas.

Fortunately, there are many resources you can turn to, such as the internet and even creative writing courses. And in this text, we show all the practices that can be adopted to further improve the flow of ideas.

So, on a daily basis, writing will become a simpler task, and your work will bring more returns and rewards.

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