German musical instruments - musik

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In this article we will see a vocabulary list with German musical instruments.

We advise you to have a little knowledge of the pronunciation of the German language so you don't end up learning to pronounce the instruments the wrong way.

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German Instruments

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
music Musik
note Note
song Lied
violin Geige
guitar Gitarre
flute Flöte
piano Klavier
harmonica Harmonika
trumpet Trumpet
trombone Posaune
banjo Banjo
drum Trommel
drumsticks Trommelstock
dish Becken
triangle Triangel
saxophone Saxophon
harp Harfe
key Taste
keyboard Keyboard
whistle Trillerpfeife
rope Saite
band Band
orchestra Orchester
choir Cry
musician Musiker (die Musikerin)
conductor Dirigent (die Dirigentin)
pianist Pianist (die Pianistin)
guitar player Gitarrist (die Gitarristin)
drummer Schlagzeuger (die Schlagzeugerin)

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