Renato Alves & # 8211; Memorization master

meet the Renato Alvesthe master of memorization.

RENATO ALVES was the first Brazilian to receive the title of best memory in Brazil by Rank Brasil, the book of national records. The unprecedented achievement was the result of applying a unique method of memorization that allowed recording a sequence of 110 random words and a number with 110 random digits in 4 minutes. It was the first Brazilian memorization record. The technique he developed was called the RENATO ALVES® METHOD and became a national reference in accelerated learning training.

Renato Alves career

Renato Alves graduated in computer science, worked with analysis and development of computational systems and was a professor of programming algorithms. He studied cognitive science and philosophy of mind at Unesp, was a member of the GAEC (academic group for cognitive studies) and became a cognitive researcher in the areas of learning, concentration and memory where he worked on the mind-brain-computer triad that was the embryo for the development of your learning method.

He also wrote his first book 'Branco na Memória' – find out what the causes are and what to do to avoid it. Then he wrote other books: Secret of Geniuses, Dialogue Without Duel, The 10 Habits of Memorization, Don't Ask If He Studied, Make Your Brain Work for You and The Brain with Focus and Discipline which to date, together, have sold more than 500,000 copies.

Renato Alves has experience widely recognized by the national press, being considered the greatest specialist in the country on the subject of memorization. He participated in numerous programs on the largest open television stations in the country, in the main newspapers, magazines and in the most varied radio programs.

Renato Alves' work

In time, Renato Alves decided to take his knowledge to the internet, thus creating several distance courses with certificates. He created the following courses:

  • fastread – Advanced Course on Dynamic Reading, Study and Memorization of Texts.
  • Study and memorization – Course of Study, Memorization, Focus and Concentration.
  • Shielded Memory – Practical Course on Memorization, Focus and Concentration at Work.
  • 360 Memory Course – All courses combined in a single training.

He also shares several memorization tips for free through videos, webinars and free mini courses. To get a sense of what a trustworthy person he is, follow him on social media.

  • He has 60,000 likes on Facebook.
  • 43,000 subscribers on youtube.
  • He has already lectured to more than 300 thousand people.
  • He wrote several books with millions of copies.

Renato Alves has already appeared on TV giving some tips and suggestions to improve his memory. He has already appeared on Ana maria Braga many years ago and on the Manha Maior program. In the video below he appears on the Fantástico Program:

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