Korean solar system and planets

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Hello Learn Words friends, in this article we are going to learn the name of the planets and some expressions in the Korean (한국어) Hangul language. Let's start with a little text explaining what the solar system is, and a big table to increase your vocabulary.

THE solar system (태양계 - taeyang-gye) is a set of planets (행성 - haengseong), asteroids (소행성 - sohaengseong) and comets (혜성 - hyeseong) that revolve around the sun (태양 - taeyang). Each remains in its respective orbit (궤도 - gwedo) due to the intense gravitational force (Jung - junglyeog) exercised by the star, which has a mass much greater than that of any other planet.

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Korean planets

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Coreano  Pronunciation Portuguese
태양 taeyang Sun
Dal Moon
수성 Su-seong Mercury
금성 Geum-seong Venus
지구 Ji-gu Earth
화성 Hwa-seong Mars
목성 Mok-seong Jupiter
토성 To-seong Saturn
천왕성 Cheon-wang-seong Uranus
해왕성 Hae-wang-seong Neptune
명왕성 Myeong-wang-seong Pluto
은하 Eunha galaxy
소행성 So-haeng-seong asteroid
우주 Uju Universe
분위기 bun-wigi atmosphere
유성 yuseong meteor
별자리 byeoljali constellation
천문대 cheonmundae observatory
은하수 eunhasu Milky Way
지구, 세계 jigu, segye earth, world, globe
만월 man-wol Full moon
byeol star, star
유성우, 유성 비 yuseong-u, yuseong bi Meteor rain

I hope this article helped you learn the planets in Korean. The Korean language is a bit complex, it will require a lot of dedication from you.

It is curious to mention the origin of some planets in Korean.

  • The Korean meaning of 소행성 asteroid is smaller planet.
  • The meaning of Pluto 명왕성 is King of the Star of Darkness or King of Darkness Star.
  • The meaning of 천왕성 Uranus is King of the sky star. 
  • The meaning of Saturn 토성 is earth star.
  • Mars 화성 is the fire star.
  • Venus 금성 means golden star.
  • The sun 태양 is the brightest star.

As an exercise, I leave it to you to comment on Korean phrases involving planets or the universe. I hope you enjoyed the article, share it and help expand the language in society.