Medical vocabulary in English - Hospital Phrases

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It is always a challenge to travel to another country, especially if you are traveling alone and do not speak the local language fluently. For some reason you may have to go to a hospital in another country and need to speak or understand English. To help in this article we have separated some phrases and words to help grow your vocabulary in the Portuguese and English language and be able to solve problems in the hospital.

We created a list of vocabulary of words and phrases that are useful in case you need to make an appointment or go to a hospital in America or England.

Hospital phrases in Portuguese and English

Remember that the phrases below are not just the ones you will say, but that you will probably hear:

Consulta – Appointment

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Eu gostaria de marcar uma consulta. I’d like to schedule an appointment.
Ele precisa cancelar sua consulta. He needs to cancel his appointment.
A consulta é para quê? What is the appointment regarding?
Marcar uma consulta Make an appointment
Consulta geral  Check up
É hora de vir fazer uma consulta geral.  It is time to come in for a check up.
 Cirurgia  Surgery
 Ele sobreviveu à cirurgia. He survived the surgery.
 Hora de visitas acabou.  Visiting hours are over.
 O doutor verificou seus sinais vitais.  The doctor took his vital signs.
Você pode pegar minha receita médica na farmácia?  Can you pick up my prescription at the pharmacy?
 Receitar  To prescribe
 Eu preciso de repouso.  I need to bed rest.
Eu tenho uma condição crônica – pressão arterial elevada  I have a chronic condition – high blood pressure
  Plano de saúde Health Insurance
 Pronto-Socorro  First-Aid
 Qual é o problema?  What is the problem?
 O que está errado?  What is wrong ?
Posso dar uma olhada em…?  Can I have a look at…?
 Estou com Gripe. I have the Flu.
 Eu estou com dor de cabeça. I have headache.
Eu torci meu pulso.  I sprained my wrist.
 Eu quebrei meu braço.   I broke my arm.
 Eu estou com tontura.   I feel dizzy.
 Eu cortei meu pé.   I cut my foot.

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Medical vocabulary in Portuguese and English

To complement your sentences, we will leave a list of English words and their meanings that can help you form more sentences and understand medical or hospital terms.

  • Doctor – Doctor
  • GP (General Practitioner) – Clínico Geral
  • Specialist – Especialista
  • Allergist – Alergista
  • Cardiologist – Cardiologista
  • Dentist – Dentista
  • Dermatologist – Dermatologista
  • Neurologist – Neurologista
  • Endocrinologist – Endocrinologista
  • Psychiatrist – Psiquiatra
  • Radiologist – Radiologista 
  • Temperature – Temperatura
  • Pulse – Pulsação
  • Weight – Peso
  • Height – Altura
  • Diagnosis – Diagnóstico
  • Medicine – Remédio
  • Pill – Pílula
  • Painkiller – Analgésico
  • Symptoms – Sintomas
  • Headache – Dor de cabeça
  • Disease – Doença
  • Pain – Pain
  • Painful – Dolorido
  • Toothache – Dor de dente
  • Stomachache – Dor de estômago
  • Backache – Dor nas costas
  • Flu – Gripe
  • Sore Throat – Sore throat / sore throat
  • Cold – Resfriado
  • Fever – Febre
  • Cough – Tosse
  • Runny Nose – Coriza
  • Stuffy  Nose – stuffy nose/nasal congestion
  • Swelling – Inchaço
  • Nausea – Náusea
  • Injury – Injury/Injury
  • Painful – Dolorido
  • Hoarse – Rouco
  • Dizzy – Tortura