Phrases to use at the Hotel in Portuguese and English

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Sometimes you are traveling abroad and do not know what to say or what they are saying inside a hotel? In this article we will make you increase your vocabulary and grammar in Portuguese and English with phrases related to English hotels.

Frases para usar no Hotel em Inglês

Hotel Phrases in Portuguese and English

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I have a reservation I have a reservation
Hotel room Hotel room
We'll be here for two weeks We are here for two weeks
Does the room have a double bed? Does the room have a double bed?
I'm leaving tomorrow. I’m leaving tomorrow.
Does he have a private bathroom? Does it have a private bathroom?
We need 2 keys We need 2 keys
The toilet's clogged. O vaso sanitário está entupido
We would like to have a sea view We would like to have an ocean view
Does he have two beds? Does it have 2 beds?
Do you have room service? Vocês têm serviço de quarto?
 Are meals included?  Are meals included?
 I'm a guest  I am a guest
The light doesn't work. The light doesn’t work.
 Where's the elevator?  Where is the elevator?
 I need to talk with the manager  I need to speak with the manager
 The shower does not work  The shower does not work
 Our room has no blankets  The room does not have any blankets
 Can you bring another pillow?  Can you bring me another pillow?
 We need towels for the pool  We need towels for the pool
 Our room was not cleaned  Our room has not been cleaned
 I didn't like this room  I don’t like this room
 There is no hot water  There is no hot water
 I have no reservation  I do not have a reservation
 We need an air-conditioned room  We need an air-conditioned room
I need to rent a car  I need to rent a car
 Would you please call a taxi?  Can you get me a taxi?
 I need help with the bags  I need a bellhop
I liked the balcony  I like the balcony
 I enjoyed my stay  I enjoyed my stay
 I'm ready to check out  I am ready to check out
 It is a beautiful hotel  This is a beautiful hotel
 I will recommend you I will recommend you
Your employees are excellent  Your staff are outstanding
 Thanks for everything  Thank you for everything
 Can I get a call to wake up at 7 o'clock? Could I have a wake-up call at seven o’clock?
 Can you change the sheets, please?  Could you please change the sheets?
 We have no vacancies. We have no vacancies.
 We are full. We are fully booked.

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