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The books are extremely important in anyone's life. They are an eternal source of knowledge and studies, as well as being a great escape from reality with fantastic and very fun stories.

Although technology is constantly advancing and, even if every form of reading is valid, there are many people who are still waiting for the next chapter of a saga, excited for the moment to put their copy in their hands and smell the new pages. .

Regardless of whether the book was purchased from a personalized promotional products or downloaded to read on a Kindle, but the habit of reading is extremely beneficial, in addition to helping a lot in various aspects of social and even cognitive.

With all this context in mind, today's text will address the 5 most anticipated books for the year 2022, discussing a little about them and showing their importance, as well as their context within the world of reading, as well as the benefits of if you start reading.

From a newspaper next to your mug for toast even comics and manga, reading is an activity that is extremely pleasurable that stimulates imagination and logical thinking, as well as develops various cognitive skills.

In recent years, people have gotten into the habit of reading again, especially in the years 2020 and 2021 where the pandemic that ravaged the world was stronger than ever, causing many people to stay at home and look for new ways. entertainment or ways to spend time.

With that, e-commerce grew a lot and people bought everything. Even something super specific like butcher's boot it was the target of purchases for the most varied activities and books also managed to grow in this wave, increasing consumption.

In other words, the Brazilian market is once again very hot with this subject and, regardless of your reading style or preference, it is indisputable that this market has returned with everything and that is great.

Therefore, the following topics will show that despite a ecological bag important to the world at large, books are just as great and necessary. Check out the information that has been gathered and discover the most anticipated books of 2022.

the big highlights

You may notice that some reading habits can make you like one book more than another, but the agenda at this point is to understand which releases for the year 2022 are most awaited by the public.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are going to buy it in bookstores or if you are going to use self-service totems in the process, check out right now the five great highlights that are highly anticipated this year.

01 – House of Heaven and Breath

Written by Sarah J. Maas, the book is a sequel to Casa de Terra e Sangue, from the Cidade da Lua Crescendo series, started by the author when she was 35 years old.

Focusing on adult audiences, the previous book tells the story of Bryce, a woman who is half human and half faerie, who had her friends killed by a demon. Fae creatures fall under fairies, dryads, and other mystical races of the woods.

When other attacks happen, the protagonist teams up with an angel to investigate the situation and, in the book that will be released, it seems that there will be a new pact made after they have saved the city, unfolding in new events, possibilities and internal dilemmas.

02 - The war of two queens

This book can be purchased in bookstores, after being passed through a ticket reader or through a website after its launch, still in 2022.

Written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, this is the fourth book in the Blood and Ashes saga and will tell the story of a young man named Poppy, who can be considered a Maiden but, according to the plot, seems not worthy of the gods. of that world.

There is not much more information and only the first book has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, but it is one of the most awaited stories of the year. 

03 – The Sanatorium

Unlike other stories where it is necessary that block glue to understand the events and entertain ourselves in the plot, The Sanatorium will be released in Brazil later this year and they say it is an excellent story of mysteries and intrigue.

From author Sarah Pierce, the story of the book is based on Elin Warner's trip to a very sinister resort in the Swiss Alps to celebrate her brother Isaac's engagement, but things change a bit when his fiancee disappears the next morning. .

To make matters worse, it seems that another woman has disappeared and no one has noticed. An incredibly thought-provoking plot that can change your perception of mystery, in addition to entertaining you a lot.

04 – I kissed Shara Wheeler

A very well written novel that could be placed as one of the best in several bookstores through metallic lining Author Casey McQuiston became very famous for her release of Red, White and Blue, so expectations are high.

The story will explore the life of Chloe Green who is moving to Alabama, to be more exact, to a very puritanical school where she will finish her high school. 

In this context, the daughter of the director and prom queen, Shawa Wheeler, kisses her and, soon after, also kisses two other characters, leaving clues and notes on how to find her, uniting the trio in search of answers and solving this mystery.

The date has not yet been released in Brazil and the only information is that it will come out in 2022, although in the United States the release is May 3rd.

05 - Finding Me

This one will certainly be a fever when released, mainly because it is a book that is a work of the very successful and talented actress Viola Davis, who participated in several films such as The Suicide Squad, Crossed Stories, Fence and Lila & Eve.

The book will tell its own story, through its own words, being much awaited by readers and movie lovers, mainly because Viola is a good person and an excellent actress, and she is even an Oscar winner.

The work promises to capture readers with difficult stories and good feelings experienced by the actress. The release is on April 5th in the United States. In Brazil, there is no date yet.

The benefits of reading

Of course, it is highly recommended that you read all the books that have been reviewed so far, but first of all, it is important that you develop the habit of reading within yourself, generating that genuine interest and that desire that is so difficult to satisfy.

People who practice reading enjoy some fantastic benefits, such as:

  • Stimulation of creativity;
  • Greater concentration and memorization;
  • Greater critical sense and analytical flexibility;
  • Increases and improves your vocabulary;
  • It is an excellent source of entertainment;
  • Exercise the brain.

Of course, a lot will depend on the amount of books you read and how motivated you are to consume their content. But the truth is, the more you read, the more you learn and the more insightful your brain becomes.

And you don't have to worry about reading only books with complex topics and policy approaches of the world. Start with something you like, with a few pages or a subject that interests you a lot, so that the habit of reading will also gradually awaken in you.

As you read on, you will stop caring about the number of pages in the works and even about the type of language used, you will begin to understand the author's intentions and even have a preference for some over others.

Believe me, reading is an insatiable hunger for new stories and new tales, where you are transported to an incredibly different world where your mind creates them, block by block, piece by piece, bringing a unique sensation that no other art can offer you. .

Final considerations

Today's text addressed some of the five most anticipated books for the year 2022, showing how important it is to have the habit of reading, as well as some benefits that can be enjoyed naturally and organically.

It is very important to understand that, although books had much more weight in people's lives in the past, they are still highly relevant and the more you read, the better you will develop in many ways, so try to read more and more.

With that in mind, whether you read The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, it is vital to develop this skill in yourself. Believe me, you will be very grateful in the future.

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