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It has never been so necessary, as at the present time, for people to have a full understanding of matters such as policy, economy, history, philosophy, society and environment.

Furthermore, humanity has unlimited and real-time access to information, but in the face of various crises, it was realized that there is a gigantic cultural and conceptual lack.

One of the reasons is based on sources such as social networks, marked by the segmentation of ideas and fake news, false and highly biased news, put as truth, often to generate impact, engagement and misinformation.

This is a worrying phenomenon, but one that guarantees control of the masses and the behavior of the public, who act like a herd, just following the flow, straight to the slaughterhouse.

Regardless of your current role in the society you live in, whether you are a student, a salaried worker, retired, take care of your home, or undertake in some way, as in thermometer calibration, it is important to keep an eye on this subject.

Furthermore, know that, especially when it comes to politics, both government and business, ignoring history is bound to repeat the same mistakes that have already been made before.

Seeking a good knowledge base, covering the whole, not just what you once heard to be right or wrong, is the only way to free yourself and have an opinion of your own.

Knowledge and critical thinking are very uncomfortable and difficult for those in power, as it is society's main weapon for defending their rights, and that is why education and research have been so attacked.

Thinking about the urgency of more conscientious citizens on the subject, we list here 10 highly featured books, for you to read online or order a printed version to be delivered by a good company. dedicated transport.

We hope to help your understanding of politics, as well as its role, systems of government, strategies for maintaining power and for manipulating the people.  

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First: what is politics?

Politics is the science that deals with the human capacity to create guidelines to organize something, seeking a common good. The concept arose in Ancient Greece, with citizens' meetings in the square of cops or city - hence the etymology of the term - to discuss everyday matters.

Mentioning, mainly, the role of the State in public administration. This is the focus of this article, but it is important to emphasize that it is not limited to this.

Anyone who thinks that politics is restricted to politicians needs to get the books on that list urgently, so that they don't make more mistakes like this. 

After all, politics is present in our daily lives, in the various educational institutions, in the way we position ourselves in the world and in the work environment.

Regarding the corporate universe and the market, business policy is an area of special interest for leaders and entrepreneurs, as a large manufacturer of autotransformer. Each approach has its own specifics. 

Now that you understand the importance of politics in terms of the different systems in which we operate, such as economic, social or commercial, check out a list of the 10 best books to learn more about the genre!

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Brilliant books on politics 

To start our list, we will start with the formation of our country, the construction of national politics, the colonial roots and the formation of the Brazilian identity, with Laurentino Gomes' trilogy:

1 – 1808 

This book is the first in the work, dealing with the flight of the Portuguese royal family from the French military expansion, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, to Brazil, until then a colony of Portugal.

The year 1808 was a milestone in the history of these two countries: the transfer of the capital of the Portuguese empire to the colony, after 308 years of resource exploitation, and the arrival of industrialization in Brazil, already late.

With the aristocracy of Portugal, the first “technologies” also arrived, as the first versions of a packer and the production lines.

In addition, the process of forming the favelas began with the expulsion of around 30% of the Rio population from their homes, to provide housing for members of the court and their companions.

In a light, intimate and very well grounded way, the author tells the story of Dom João VI's arrival in Rio de Janeiro.

2 – 1822

In this work, Laurentino Gomes addresses the events of another remarkable year: 1822, when Brazil became an independent country from Portugal by the proclamation of the then Prince Regent.

Pedro de Alcântara or Dom Pedro I, on the banks of the Ipiranga river, begins the Brasil Império. Keeping a different perspective, he narrates the reality of what this so romanticized process was.

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3 – 1889

Closing the trilogy, “1889”, addresses the Proclamation of the Republic and the overthrow of the monarchy, in what was one of the most controversial periods in our history.

In this work, the author also addresses other episodes such as the abolitionist movement and the Paraguayan War, aligning the entire historical context that was taking place at that time.

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4 – The Prince

Nicolau Machiavelli writes a political-philosophical treatise on the conquest and maintenance of power, to guide the decision-making of the Duke of Urbino, in 1532.

Written as a way to win the duke's favor, it has become a classic for leaders like the managers of a steel manufacturer. temperature transmitter, despite not having been an efficient strategy for the author, who did not get what he wanted.

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5 – The Art of War

General Sun Tzu, in 1927, published this treaty on military strategy which addresses, among several points, the importance of a country's lines of defense to ensure the freedom of the people.

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6 – The Republic

This is a sophistic philosophical treatise that dates back to 380 BC and remains fundamental today, addressing social and political discussions that apply in a timeless way in contemporary society.

7 – Meditations

“Meditations” brings together Marco Aurélio's personal notes for 10 years of his empire, from 170 to 180 AD, on issues such as:

  • Virtues;
  • Happiness;
  • Death;
  • Passions;
  • Nature and its laws.

The Roman emperor carried out an inner philosophical dialogue, which served as a guide for the role and character of a leader, whether political or not, as well as being one of the best examples for understanding Stoic thought. 

A great reading to take in those moments you need to wait, such as in a doctor's office or for the calibration of a digital tachograph, for example.

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8 – The Animal Revolution

The 1945 novel is a brilliant political fable published in the context of the Cold War. In a playful way, George Orwell approaches Totalitarianism and illustrates the way in which socialism was implanted in the then Soviet Union, which became known as Stalinism.

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9 – The Hate Machine – A reporter's notes on Fake News and Digital Violence

In this book published in 2020, the reporter Patrícia Campos Mello addresses this very important topic, the fake news, showing how this is a professional and organized network.

It also discusses how they act, in an analogy, as a “alignment machine” for the maintenance and support of a specific speech.

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10 – The Republic of Pirates

Corsairs and pirates formed one of the most significant Temporary Autonomous Zones in history, parasitizing a system shaped by the exploitation of man by man, in a world dominated by authoritarian regimes

Knowing its history is an important way to form critical thinking about the uprising, even if it was not structured as an element of transformation or social change.

It was a response from the marginalized classes that, while acting with great cruelty, rescued democratic and egalitarian concepts.

Showing history in a “bare and raw” way, Colin Woodard brings us what was the brief, distinct and brutal democracy of the Bahamas, in which serfs, escaped slaves and women could be recognized as citizens, as well as choose their rulers by vote.

Final considerations

Take advantage of this moment of staying at home to read, especially with the ease of receiving any book in your house packaged with total care by a packaging sealer.

The fact that we outsource the political role to representatives of the three branches, Legislative, Judiciary and Executive, does not take away our central role as citizens, even though many do not know what it means to be one, as well as their duties and rights to society.

Politics is the basis of citizenship, and this is an achievement: exercising it depends on your knowledge and what you do with it in your daily actions.

In this article you checked a short list, but there are a number of other authors who have a lot to contribute to the formation of critical opinion, such as:

  • Seneca;
  • Karl Marx;
  • Mikhail Bakunin;
  • Roberto Campos;
  • Max Weber;
  • Sérgio Buarque de Holanda;
  • Zygmunt Bauman;
  • Adam Smith;
  • Mario Sergio Cortella.

Well, always seek information about both sides of the story, and never take as true what you do not know for yourself. 

Your opinion, your positioning and your actions are the starting point for transforming the world into a better or worse place. 

Abstaining does not make you neutral, but colluding with a bad situation. So choose carefully what kind of contribution you want to make, and do your part.

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