115 Technology Research Paper Topics Ideas

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Today in this writing we will be distributing a full list of topics and suggestions for Paper and Technology Research Papers. The list also presents suggestions for other types of academic work such as fact sheets, scientific articles, abstracts and many others. I wish you to make good use of this gigantic list of suggestions for academic papers in Technology.

The choice of the Technology theme is the most significant decision that the academic needs to make for a good development of the Research Paper, which ends up culminating in some anxiety and problems.

Among the hundreds of options for ideas for Academic Work, an assertive choice will allow the student to create their Research Paper with much more fluidity and less stress.

Before we share the list of topics for the Technology Research Paper, I intend to indicate things to support your work.

We indicate later to see our other post about: Science and Technology Research Paper Topics Ideas.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Tecnologia

Suggestions for Academic Technology Papers

See below some tips for creating your academic paper on Technology, perfect tips for your Research Paper:

  • If you already work or know where you want to work, search for topics related to your area of interest. You need to be sympathetic to the topic;
  • Also think about the bibliography, make sure there is enough reference source for this theme of the Research Paper;
  • Ask Your Adviser – It is important that the Adviser Educator agrees on the topic;

List of Ideas and Topics for Technology Research Paper

Below are some ideas for doing academic papers such as Technology Research Paper:

  • The blockchain financial tool and its use by governments and organized crime
  • optical fiber
  • Active Directory
  • Algebra
  • Experimental Algorithms
  • Analysis of the Implementation of the Gnuteca Software in the Library, where I study
  • Mobile speech therapy application using cloud firestore database and realtime database
  • machine learning
  • The contributions of information technology to human resource processes
  • Industrial automation replacing man by machine
  • Benefits that Information Technology Brings to the Company
  • Big data inventory management
  • Building Information Modeling: feasibility and implementation in the construction industry
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Applied to Systems for Strategic Decision Making
  • Refrigeration cycle - absorption using natural gas
  • Data Science
  • Data Science/Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Extreme Combinatorics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Continuation already done by the Author
  • Continuity in Information Systems – Estácio EAD
  • Fix and correct an article
  • Dataming Twitter & Feelings Analysis.
  • Bot decryption, increment and optimization in game 0 AD
  • game development
  • Basic Electronics for Beginners - Components and Tools
  • Computer Entrepreneurship
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • GPS system statistics and reliability
  • Iron: process for obtaining and analyzing purity for use in metallurgy
  • Research Paper Finalization
  • Game Design
  • Geoinformatics
  • IT project management
  • IT Strategic Management
  • Governance in Information Technology
  • Electronic Government – Diagnosis and Initial Solutions for the Municipality of Crateús
  • Implementation of Zabbix for infrastructure monitoring
  • Tecnologic innovation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence.
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things
  • IOT and Field Connectivity
  • requirements survey / Survey Technicians / Literature Review
  • Programming languages
  • Internet Civil Mark
  • IPV4 and IPV6 migration
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Modeling and quantitative analysis
  • Procedural Modeling
  • Virtual Machines (VMs) Research Paper vs. Container Virtualization (Docker)
  • Multimedia on modern pc's
  • I do not have
  • NoSQL: A Non-Relational Approach to Databases
  • What is Requirements Elicitation?
  • The automotive sector in Mercosur countries
  • The Use of Cloud Computing in the Corporate Environment
  • Research Paper guidance and review
  • The virtual personal trainer paradigms in bit vending
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Scientific research
  • PIM I - Computer Networks
  • Probability
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Schedule
  • Meta-heuristic programming
  • Parallel Programming applied to Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  • Structured cabling project with ibcs technology
  • Data Security Project
  • Design of information systems
  • Quality of Service for Online Gaming in the Home Environment
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Java Face Recognition
  • business social network
  • Computer network
  • Robotics
  • Scripting
  • Information security
  • Information Security – Informatica
  • Security in Corporate Networks
  • SAP Monitoring System Part 2
  • System for managing a glassware company
  • Glazing System
  • Embedded systems
  • Heuristic Solutions applied to Task Scheduling
  • Information systems
  • Scientific Article on Entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring System
  • information system
  • technology and information
  • Technologies and Social Movements
  • Technologies and Society
  • Technologies and Sustainability
  • Decision Theory
  • Theory of graphs
  • game theory
  • number theory
  • Final Paper - Governance in Information Technology
  • Work on IOT and its protocols
  • Work (Research Paper - ABNT)
  • ITIL Service Transition Applied to Changing the Environment: Migration to Cloud
  • Use of ITIL in the management of Services in a corporate environment
  • Verification and Validation
  • Artificial life

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Tecnologia

How to structure your Technology Research Paper

The structure of the Technology Research Paper must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Research Paper Technology Cover (Required)
    2. Technology Research Paper spine (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual design elements
    1. Theme Cover Page (Required)
    1. Subject Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Research Paper Dedication (Optional)
    4. Theme Acknowledgments (Optional)
    5. Work title (Optional)
    6. Abstract in the subject's native (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. List of illustrations of the subject (Optional)
    9. List of Subject Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Subject Symbols (Optional)
    12. Subject summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. TCC Development (Required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Monograph References (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)