172 Marketing Research Paper Topics Ideas

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In this editorial we will distribute a full list of Topics for Marketing Research Papers. The list also shares ideas for other types of academic work such as abstracts, scientific articles and many others. I hope you make good use of this list of topics for academic papers in Marketing training.

The selection of the Marketing theme is the most significant thing that the academic needs to take for a better development of the Academic Work, which ends up causing a lot of anguish and insecurities.

Out of hundreds of choices for Research Paper ideas, a right choice will ensure that the student crafts their Research Paper with better dexterity and less exhaustion.

First, before we share the suggested topics list for the Marketing Research Paper, we want to share suggestions and tips to facilitate your Academic Work.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Marketing

Recommendations for Academic Marketing Work

See below for tips for creating your academic Marketing work, great tips for your Research Paper:

  • If you already work or know how you want to work, look for topics related to your area of expertise. You need to be sympathetic to the topic;
  • See also in the research source, make sure there is enough reference source for this theme of the Research Paper;
  • Ask your Educator – It is important that the Guidance Teacher is also in agreement with the topic;

Themes and Ideas for Research Paper and Marketing Research Paper

See below some suggestions for Topics for the creation of academic papers such as Research Paper and Marketing Research Paper:

  1. Sales Marketing Strategy
  2. The Importance of Training for Quality in Customer Service
  3. The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Marketing Strategies
  4. The Influence of Market Segmentation in Defining a Marketing Mix
  5. The Use of Business Blogs as a Communication Tool
  6. Creating sports fans through marketing
  7. Choosing the ideal market niche for a business
  8. Choosing the ideal market niche for a business;
  9. The evolution of relationship marketing
  10. The history of marketing and the evolution of advertising around the world
  11. The Importance of Websites and Blogs for Business Marketing
  12. The importance of websites and blogs for business marketing;
  13. The importance of having digital channels for business marketing
  14. The importance of marketing for brand advertising;
  15. The Psychology of Marketing and Consumer Purchasing Decisions
  16. Accountable Marketing
  17. Contemporary Marketing Administration
  18. Marketing Administration in Brazil
  19. Administration and Marketing
  20. Marketing Application on Internet Sites
  21. The most used marketing strategies in the fashion market
  22. The most used marketing strategies in the fashion market;
  23. Marketing Channels
  24. How does Search in Marketing work?
  25. How digital marketing influences people on the internet
  26. How marketing to politicians influences voting decisions in elections
  27. How marketing can be used in the convenience market
  28. How marketing can be used in the convenience market;
  29. How marketing is important for the dissemination of large events
  30. Consumer behavior regarding marketing strategies
  31. Consumer behavior regarding marketing strategies;
  32. Communication and Marketing for the Medical Area
  33. Marketing concepts and strategies
  34. Sales Traffic Conversion
  35. E-commerce
  36. E-mail marketing
  37. Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  38. Marketing strategies
  39. e-commerce marketing strategies;
  40. Useful Marketing Strategies for Any Business
  41. Useful marketing strategies for any business;
  42. Case study of a certain brand (eg Coca-Cola)
  43. Evolution of marketing to digital media
  44. Marketing Fundamentals
  45. Fundamentals of Marketing in the Digital Age
  46. Fundamentals of Marketing in the Digital Age;
  47. Price Management as a Marketing Strategy
  48. Internal Marketing Management
  49. Knowledge Management Applied To Marketing
  50. Importance of Slogan for Marketing;
  51. Influence of Marketing on Consumption
  52. Influence of cultural marketing on people's lives
  53. Internet and Marketing
  54. Logistics and Marketing
  55. Cultural Marketing
  56. Promotional Marketing
  57. Tourist Marketing
  58. retail marketing
  59. cultural marketing
  60. Technology Management Marketing
  61. Promotion Marketing and Merchandising
  62. Marketing of Communication Companies: TV, Newspapers and Radios;
  63. High Visibility Marketing
  64. Marketing of Bars and Restaurants
  65. Convergence Marketing
  66. business marketing
  67. Incentive Marketing
  68. fashion marketing
  69. Sponsorship Marketing
  70. Sponsorship Marketing: Associating the Product Image to the Sponsored Event
  71. Product Marketing;
  72. Marketing of relationship
  73. Relationship Marketing And CRM
  74. insurance marketing
  75. Financial Service Marketing
  76. Services Marketing
  77. Professional Services Marketing
  78. replacement marketing
  79. Technology Marketing
  80. Digital marketing
  81. Direct marketing
  82. Marketing and Agribusiness
  83. Marketing and Communication
  84. Small Business Marketing and Outreach
  85. Marketing and Exporting
  86. Marketing and Fashion
  87. Hospitality Marketing and Sales
  88. Electronic Marketing
  89. Marketing in Companies with Outsourced Sales Structures
  90. Emotional Marketing
  91. business marketing
  92. Sports marketing
  93. Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions
  94. experimental marketing
  95. Individual Marketing: The Real Value of the Customer
  96. industrial marketing
  97. Institutional Marketing
  98. international marketing
  99. Marketing in Small and Medium Enterprises Marketing in Retail Trade
  100. Marketing in the Public Sector
  101. Operational Marketing
  102. Marketing to the Third Sector
  103. Personal marketing
  104. Personal and Environmental Marketing
  105. Political Marketing
  106. Political and Government Marketing
  107. Political Marketing;
  108. Post-election marketing
  109. social marketing
  110. Sustainable Marketing
  111. viral marketing
  112. Marketing through social media
  113. Marketing and its pillars in business environments
  114. Retail marketing and its advantages
  115. Retail marketing and its advantages;
  116. Personal marketing as a strategy for the job market
  117. Personal marketing as a strategy for the job market;
  118. convenience market
  119. Luxury market
  120. Retail Merchandising
  121. Mobile Marketing
  122. Music, humor and marketing
  123. Network Marketing
  124. Market niche
  125. Market niche;
  126. Relationship Marketing And Its Advantages To Direct Selling Companies
  127. Marketing and the Catholic Church
  128. Marketing and the Consumer in Brazil;
  129. Internet Marketing and the Future
  130. Sports Marketing as a Fundamental Tool for Soccer Growth
  131. Wholesale Marketing
  132. Retail Marketing
  133. the power of the brand
  134. The Purchase Decision Process
  135. The Purchasing Decision Process
  136. The development of marketing concepts
  137. Marketing as a purchase decision for sales;
  138. Marketing and its importance for small businesses
  139. The petshop market from the point of view of marketing;
  140. The role of marketing in society
  141. The power and influence of brands on consumer decisions
  142. The power and influence of brands on consumer decisions.
  143. The marketer in the market
  144. marketing organization
  145. NLP, Hypnosis and Subliminal Marketing Techniques
  146. Role of digital influencers and their importance to sales
  147. Role of digital influencers and their importance to sales;
  148. Marketing Oriented Strategic Planning
  149. Marketing plan
  150. Marketing PlanLaunch of Disposable Diapers To Be Used In Beach And Pool
  151. Marketing Plan for Company X
  152. Marketing plan and its main challenges for a company's advertising;
  153. Marketing Plans: Management, Planning and Strategy
  154. Why is digital marketing important to advertising strategies?
  155. Main internal processes that drive consumer purchasing decisions
  156. Main internal processes that drive consumer purchase decisions;
  157. Protection of Consumer Rights in the Face of Defective Products and Vices;
  158. Psychology in Marketing
  159. Brand Advertising. Invisible Marketing;
  160. Brand Advertising
  161. What marketing strategies are effective for small businesses;
  162. Marketing/society relationship;
  163. Market segmentation
  164. Consumer Segmentation and Behavior
  165. Market segmentation through marketing actions
  166. Market segmentation through marketing actions;
  167. Information System
  168. Telecommunications as marketing strategies for modernity;
  169. Telecommunications Trends
  170. Team work
  171. Trade Marketing
  172. Web Marketing and Search Engines

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Marketing

Marketing Research Paper structuring order

The structure of the Marketing Research Paper must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Research Paper Marketing Cover (Required)
    2. Marketing Research Paper spine (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual elements of the Research Paper
    1. Cover page of the Research Paper (Required)
    1. Theme Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Subject dedication (Optional)
    4. Acknowledgments for the monograph (Optional)
    5. Title of the monograph (Optional)
    6. Summary in the final language of the Research Paper (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. List of Project Illustrations (Optional)
    9. Research Paper Table List (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Subject Symbols (Optional)
    12. Subject summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Subject development (Required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Research References (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)