Books to study languages ​​from scratch

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Hello Readers of Learn Words, in this article we will see some book tips that will be very useful in your language learning, if you want to learn from scratch, the tips here will be useful, or if you want to recommend someone to buy to start learning or just to “get by” in some country.

Importance of a book

We live in a time where everything is digital, many bookstores offer language learning books in PDF, EPUB and other formats. There are those that go much further, offering zip or rar files for MP3 M4a files and other formats to help with pronunciation. Are books in digital archives effective? Yes they are too! However in Portuguese, books of this style for learning other languages ​​are very scarce compared to the languages ​​that are taught to English, French and Spanish speakers, the large number of books in Portuguese to teach languages ​​are concentrated in English and Spanish, and most of the time it doesn’t come with that important audio to help pronounce it, and when we find it in another language they are not effective. If you speak English, French or Spanish, be happy because you have one more point, but if you speak only Portuguese in search of learning other languages, do not despair, this article will help you.

NOTE: we will not cover ALL languages.

Books for English Speakers:

Many Polyglots agree that one of the great tools for language learning is Assimil. For English speakers he teaches: Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Yiddish and Spanish


  • One tool that I highly recommend for language learning is the “Survival Russian - a course in conversational” course
  • Russian for day to day - In Portuguese with Audio


  •  15 minutes Spanish
  • Teach youserself Spanish


  • 15 minutes German
  • German - Phrasebook Loney planet (Portuguese version) - no audio, but transcription helps if you know the IPA (international phonetic alphabet)
  • Langenscheidt German Collection - There is no audio in some books BUT they are an excellent tool for learning German.


  • Progressive Japanese (in Portuguese) of the Cultural Alliance - Has audio.
  • 15 minutes Japanese - with audio


  • 15 Minutes French - With Audio
  • Assimil French (Portuguese version) - With audio
  • Ecchó (in French) - with audio, you need to know your proficiency to buy, it covers all levels


  • Standard, Classic (MSA): Al Kalima - A course for Spanish speakers, with audio.
  • Dialect of Egypt: Kalimni Collection and For Portuguese speakers 15 minutes Arabic - Both with audio