Are you multilingual? Discover some professions for those who speak many languages

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be able to become a polyglot it is a desire of many people around the world and, although it is not as easy as it may seem, there are many ways to understand a little better about languages with the help of technology.

Today's text will address the concept that involves the polyglot, what it is, its main characteristics, in addition to the biggest advantages of becoming one. Finally, you will understand a little more about what areas a polyglot can explore as part of their profession.

It is quite normal for someone to have the desire or ambition to learn more than one language, whether for personal or professional reasons, such as improving their communication. corporate events company, bringing more work and opening up new possibilities.

The simple fact of knowing one more language already opens several doors, especially when we think about the professional aspect, after all, there are many companies looking for professionals in the area who know different languages.

That's because such measure helps to have better communication and make the customer more comfortable, making your person a key part of the relationship between two companies, creating a kind of bridge between them.

This can be applied from a law firm, technology or any other field, after all, globalization is real and it happens all the time. Therefore, nothing is fairer than adapting to what the job market and the whole world ask for.

However, if you just want to travel the world, in fact, it is quite interesting to know one or two additional languages, like English itself and one of your choice. Joining business with pleasure can be a good alternative.

But for that to happen, you need to learn a little more about the concept of polyglot, regardless of whether you will use it to grow your career or increase the possibility of selling level transmitter. So check out the following topic!

Você é poliglota? Conheça algumas profissões para quem fala muitas línguas

Understand more about the concept of polyglot

Simply and quite straightforwardly, a polyglot is a person who has mastered speaking, writing and expressing himself in four or more different languages, and the individual's native language can be included in this account.

If you know less than four languages, the person can be considered bilingual or trilingual. And, with the help of the digital environment, the internet and technology, such knowledge has become even more accessible, although it is not so easy to acquire it.

To use in your accounting advice or as a teacher of another language, the discipline, commitment and investment of time to learn another language are quite considerable and require a lot of persistence and willpower.

The speed of learning also depends on the person's ease and ability to learn this type of content, so the time can vary a lot.

However, of course, there are some advantages to investing in this type of knowledge, after all, the number of doors it opens is quite a lot, which could be its differential in the job market.

And this is the main advantage of a polyglot: the possibility of communicating with more people, creating a large network of contacts, either in a IT consulting for small businesses or great logistics.

We can also mention as an advantage a certain deepening in the relationship between companies and customers. It's one thing for you to know just enough of a language to communicate with the person, it's quite another to be fluent in it.

Once you normally express yourself in a certain language, it is much easier to develop a deeper level of conversation that, in fact, pleases everyone, especially when negotiating.

This type of attitude makes the client more secure and opens up a range of possibilities, increasing again his network of contacts and facilitating the negotiation of, for example, a digital tachograph.

Another element that can be highlighted is the great advantage when participating in selection processes, showing a huge differential right before a hiring, sending the correct message

These days, it is practically mandatory to master a second language depending on the position you are applying for. At least an English is required, if you have more languages, the better and more competitive you will be.

Você é poliglota? Conheça algumas profissões para quem fala muitas línguas

Professions for polyglots: know some

Regardless of whether the chosen branch is related to the electric thermography, there are several segments of activity and companies that a multilingual professional can work, and believe me, there is no lack of organizations that look for professionals like this.

First, in fact, it is not so common to find, especially when we think about the amount of discipline needed to learn four languages and know how to express themselves in all of them in a natural and organic way.

Although it is more common to find these professionals connected in some way to the communication of a company, they have space everywhere and can also work in companies that issue renewal of environmental license.

Some examples like the following can be considered, such as:

  • Interpreter; 
  • A translator;
  • Tourist guide;
  • Flight attendant;
  • Diplomat.

As you could see, all the branches described above deal with communication in some way, and to be honest, there's not much way around it. 

You have become an expert in languages and expression of another culture, of another language, so it is normal that the areas that need you most are directly linked to communication, which in fact is not a bad thing, quite the contrary.

However, thinking about an aspect of globalization, it is very welcome that, for example, an engineer or architect knows more than one language for various reasons.

We can mention how easy it is to understand technical terms, readings and videos in other languages, after all, a lot of material is found outside our country and can be very useful to use within your company or to solve any problem.

And, thinking in this regard, such action applies to any other business sector, since Brazil has information that can be limited because of language. If you work with fast and up-to-date news, this factor is even more important.

Mainly because you don't wait for any other source to translate the material and only then can you find out what happened, causing you to lose time, agility and not be punctual when doing your work.

Yet thinking about professions, there are several advantages that you can use for being multilingual within your company, whether you are the owner of the brand or not, having only to gain with the investment of time and money.

A tip, if you are interested in going down this path, is to master one language at a time and avoid learning them all at the same time. Remember that haste is the enemy of perfection, and when it comes to language, it takes a lot of attention and effort.

Each language has different peculiarities and difficulties that, depending on the way you learn it, can take more or less time. Not to mention pronunciation and morphology, which are some of the hardest elements to learn.

Also try to learn a language that you have a real interest in learning, whether for personal or professional reasons. Learning something you don't want can discourage you and just delay your learning a lot.

Finally, one of the most necessary criteria when developing your language learning is to practice conversation. Having experience in this criterion advances learning a lot, in addition to being much more natural and organic.

Conversation helps to think and elaborate sentences, questions, answers and develop a conversation, which, after all, is what you are looking for as a multilingual professional. 

Often knowledge works perfectly in our minds, but when put into practice, many barriers and difficulties are encountered. Therefore, always continue to practice conversation.

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Final considerations

Today's text addressed the concept that encompasses the polyglot, how is the process to become one, what is the importance, what it is, tips and advantages, in addition to the professions and fields you can take advantage of by investing in this type of learning.

Of course, everything will depend on your investment, persistence and way of learning. Try not to force learning and let everything happen naturally, using the technology around you as a catalyst for your learning.

The job market is always open to people who know other languages, so take advantage of this moment and build a successful career, doing something you enjoy and, above all, always learning more and more about languages.

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