Is it worth taking an online language course?

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Many people have doubts when going deep into an online course, they think it is not the same thing as a face-to-face course, they think it is boring, or are not convinced of the content and price. In this article I am going to talk about several strengths and weaknesses of online language courses, and whether or not it is worth taking one.

Why online course?

Have you ever wondered why many teachers are creating online video courses instead of teaching in person? The reason is logical, traditional schools follow a slow teaching pattern, and teachers are not satisfied with that, and want to teach on their own. Unfortunately setting up a physical language school is very expensive, it takes a lot more work and little income, this is the main reason for many teachers to choose to set up their online language courses.

Convincing marketing? Sales strategy? We noticed that in most online courses, teachers call for strong marketing, but they have to do that. There are thousands of online courses, the teacher has to value his course and show visitors that this is the best on the market. Competition is much more complicated on the internet, unlike physical schools, where people look for closer and more accessible options.

Because the competition for online courses is great, the teacher always does the best, generates a lot of content, does his best to make students happy, so that they can speak well of the course to others. That is, if you are purchasing an online course, do not devalue it just because it is online, the teacher is doing the most for the course.


Advantages of an online course

Most teachers are choosing to create online courses exactly because of the ease and accessibility for them and the students. There are countless benefits of online language courses that we will make a short list below:

  • Online access from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Download course content, audio, videos, pdfs, programs ...
  • Study whenever you want, when you want, without haste or rush.
  • You do not need to leave your home, take the bus to take the course.
  • Affordable price, great payment options.
  • Single payment, no monthly fees.
  • The teacher offers several bonuses when purchasing the course.
  • The course is always up to date and offers as much content as possible.
  • It can generate greater retention and understanding of the subject.
  • It can be easily managed.
  • Online service and support to answer your questions or difficulties that may arise.
  • A study group with all students.
  • Unique and effective teaching methods.

This was a short list with some of the benefits and advantages of taking an online course, of course there are many others, each teacher offers different benefits and teaching options.

Price? Purchase?

People think that just because the course is online, it has to be cheap and it cannot cost more than 500 reais. Many content producers launch online courses cheaply when they can't sell. That is, the course is cheap when the course is not good. If you think it is expensive to invest in the range of 2,000 reais to learn a new language, you have to reevaluate your thoughts of what is expensive and cheap.

If you are taking an English course in person, you will spend many years, paying more than 2000 a year, and you will not learn anything. This is the reality of traditional courses. Learning a language requires daily dedication, the goal of online courses is to make you have that dedication, and to teach directly.

Curso de Inglês Mairo Vergara

Teachers are so convinced of their teaching methods that they offer 60-day guarantees, which Mairo Vergara of the English course offers complete guarantee of the course, in case you do not learn, it returns all your money and a few more additions.

In addition, most online courses are administered by a trusted platform, which offers payment options up to 12x on the card, in addition to being responsible for guaranteeing satisfaction. That is, you will not depend on the teacher to get your money back, but rather the platform that is a trustworthy company.

Your data will be safe, just look at the “https” and the lock icon in your browser on the payments page. Payments are made through payment platforms known as paypal, bcash, pagseguro and etc. Once your payment is confirmed you receive the course via your email.

Negative points

Online courses are not always wonderful, you must be very careful when purchasing one. There are a lot of crooks, you can know if the content is good, by knowing your site, visitors and students. If the course is too cheap, you can keep in mind that something is wrong, and the teacher doesn't value his work as much.

Another negative point is that you will have to dedicate yourself, you will need a basic experience with computers. You will be responsible for your learning, you will have to attend classes and apply what you learn on your own, there will be no teacher in the room pulling your ear. Nothing much different from face-to-face classes.

Vale a pena fazer um curso online de idiomas?

Another negative point is that the payment platforms of most online courses only allow you to split the card, requiring you to have a card with a high limit, or cash to pay in cash.

Study VS alone with online course

Some people who know that the teaching method of traditional schools are expensive and slow, prefer to study alone. The internet has all the necessary content to learn anything, but it is necessary to pan, and dedicate, have patience and courage. Most of this content is in Portuguese and English, and a lot of information can be wrong, not to mention that many handouts that people download, they are collaborating with piracy.

Another alternative of online courses is the private teachers, they are very good, but an hour of class is usually very expensive. With them, you can learn and answer many questions through skype, or some other platform.

Many cannot study alone, they procrastinate, they are lazy, they don't know where to start, they don't have experience with computers and so on. I myself, despite all my knowledge on the internet, have a hard time studying alone, and I can only do that when I have to write articles for my website.

Online courses help people to walk quickly to learn the language, the way they teach the class, encourage, explain the content in a simple and easy to understand way, help many people who cannot study alone. I myself have seen many self-taught people criticize online courses and those who buy just because they have the facility to learn everything on the internet without any investment, don't be one of those ignorant people.

Eu pensava da mesma forma, 4 anos aprendendo japonês por conta própria, de forma lenta, sempre procrastinando não consegui aprender quase nada. Depois que adquiri um curso online do professor Luiz Rafael, em poucos meses tive um avanço significativo no aprendizado deste Idioma. Assim como milhares de alunos que fazem o curso e agradecem de coração ao professor.

Is it worth it to take an online language course?

The final answer is up to you! But in my opinion, an online course of any category is worth it! There are countless advantages and benefits, and the content you receive won't be found anywhere. Just be careful when purchasing the course, choose a quality one. Our site selects the best teachers and their online courses and shares information here with you, so be smart if you are interested in joining the next class.

We even created a website called digitalkw focused on promoting online courses, but there you need to be discerning and choose wisely, because we added all possible courses existing on the digital products platform.