English words and phrases - Immigration and Customs

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If you want to travel abroad, be it in any country, you will need to speak in Portuguese and English when you arrive at the destination airport and go through the country's immigration. For this we created an article with phrases and vocabularies that will help you face these challenges and improve your English.

Immigration is responsible for controlling people entering a country, they ask for their passport, visa and ask questions about their travel and length of stay in the country. Customs controls the entry and exit of goods from the country, and also charges pending taxes such as taxes and declarations.

Useful English Phrases - Immigration and Customs

Below we will see some important phrases that you must learn to pass through immigration and customs.

Phrases you will probably hear: 

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês 
Please fill in this form. Please fill in this form.
Your ticket and passport, please. Your ticket and passport, please.
Why are you here? Por que você está aqui?
Please wait behind the yellow line. Please wait behind the yellow line.
What is the reason for your trip? What’s the purpose of your visit?
How long are you thinking about staying? How long do you plan to stay?
Business or leisure? Business or pleasure?
Where do you come from? Where have you traveled from?
What is your home country? What is your country of residence?
Onde você vai ficar/se hospedar? Where will you be staying?
You must complete this… You have to fill in this…
Have a nice stay! Have a nice stay!
How many bags do you have? How many suitcases do you have?
Could you please open it (s)? Would you please open it (them)?
You have to pay a fee for these items You have to pay duty on these items
Something to declare? Anything to declare?
Which city will be your final destination? Qual cidade será seu destino final?
Which country will be your final destination? What is the country of your final destination?
Por que você está viajando sozinho/a? Why are you traveling alone?
The product is tax free. This product is tax free.
What's in here? What’s in here?
Open your bags, please. Open your bags, please.
Your visa is valid for three months. Your visa is valid for three months.

Phrases you will likely speak or answer: 

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
I will stay in a hotel. I’ll be staying at a hotel.
I'll stay at a friend's house. I’ll be staying at a friend’s house
I'm from Brazil. I’m from Brazil.
Eu estou aqui a passeio/negócios. I’m here on vacation / business.
I will stay for… days I’m staying for… I’ll be staying for… days


Finally, we will leave a list of words that can be useful and that you will probably read, speak or hear during your adventures at the Airport.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
airport airport
wait behind the yellow line Wait behind the yellow line
travel agency travel agency
customs customs
customs customs
height height
switching cabinets to temporarily store suitcases lockers
signature signature
international vaccination certificate international vaccination certificate
delay delay
hand baggage carry-on bag
hand baggage hand baggage
lost luggage lost baggage
Baggage baggage
Baggage luggage
airline counter airline counter
bathroom, toilet rest room
mandatory reporting goods goods to declare
ID card identity card / ID
driver's license driver’s license
landing card disembarkation Card
boarding pass boarding pass
married married
arrival arrival
EU citizens EU citizens
airline airline
connection stopover, layover
passport control passport control
immigration control immigration control
date of birth date of birth
date date
customs declaration customs declaration
despachar / check in check in
divorced divorced
customs declaration document similar to the previous one. Accompanied Baggage Declaration
declaration document to customs customs Declaration
arrival and departure registration document arrival/Departure Record
residence place of residence
entry into the country entry into the country
marital status marital status
luggage conveyor belt conveyor
estrangeiro/a foreigner
close the accounts check out (hotel)
customs inspector customs officer
immigration tax immigration officer
border frontier / border
funcionário/a da alfândega customs officer
funcionário/a da imigração immigration officer
import tax import duty
birthplace place of birth
free shop duty-free store
suitcase suitcase
hand bag briefcase
nationality nationality
Nothing to declare nothing to declare
middle name middle name
match departure
match departure
Passengers Passengers
airfare air ticket
airfare airplane ticket
airfare flight ticket
Round trip ticket return ticket
Round trip ticket round-trip ticket
passagem só de ida one-way ticket
go through the custom House go through customs
Weight weight
federal police federal police
please prepare your passport please have your passport ready
portão número (5)/número do portão:(5) gate number (5)
gate gate
first name first name
profession profession
extension extension / renewal
Quarantine quarantine
regulation regulation
hotel reservation hotel reservation
flight booking flight reservation
leaving the country departure from the country
separado/a separated
maiden surname maiden name
surname surname / last name
solteiro/a single
luggage ticket baggage ticket
all other passports all other passports
entry visa entry visa
visa visa
exit visa exit visa
widow widow
widower widower
flight flight
baggage claim area baggage claim area