30 reasons to learn a new language

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Some wonder: Why should I dedicate my time to learn a new language? What are the benefits? Others think that only English has a real importance in life when learning, as it is a famous and universal language.

But in reality, it doesn't matter if you want to learn Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German or others. All Languages ​​are of great importance and you learn them from great satisfaction. In this article we will examine 30 reasons why you should start learning a new language that you like.

Communication - If you speak other languages, then you will be able to communicate much more efficiently and with a much greater reach.

Differential - Showing that you speak another language that few speak makes you different and special.

Knowing New Culture - By learning the language of a specific country, you will automatically immerse yourself in the culture of that country.

Career Opportunities - Learning any language will open doors and opportunities in your career. You will be able to work in another country in a large company.

Increases your knowledge - Learning new languages ​​expands your mind, your way of thinking, your knowledge.

Draw attention - Due to the difficulty of the language, many people will admire your efforts, will consider a very intelligent person to learn something so complicated.

Make new friends - A new language opens several doors to socialize with people from another culture.

Cursing people in another language - You will be able to offend others without them understanding, this is unique.

Marry a foreigner - This increases your chances of finding a spouse.

Be happier - Surely learning a new language will make you excited and happy.

Gaining Independence - Learning a new language will make you more independent.

Interpreter - It is possible to earn a lot of money by being an interpreter for tourists and etc.

Teacher - It is possible to profit a lot by teaching classes, some charge 40 R $ per hour.

Making Exchanges - By learning this new language, you can earn an exchange, or pay for one.

30 motivos para aprender um novo Idioma

Learn new and unique words - There are thousands of words in other languages ​​that do not exist or have the same meaning as our Portuguese.

Improves our Portuguese - It sounds strange, but when studying a new language, you will also be studying your language.

Slow aging - It has been scientifically proven that learning a new language delays brain aging

Create a different world view - Learning a new language will change the way you see the world.

World Conscious - Speaking other languages ​​helps you stay aware of the world around you, as you have access to more information than you normally would.

Helping people - When you know another language, you will end up having the opportunity to help a lost tourist, or someone else who needs your help with any matter related to the Language.

Improve Your Reading - Learning a new language will dramatically improve your reading in several different ways.

Improve your Trips - Of course, you can travel without speaking the language of the destination country, but speaking the language is something that enriches your experiences in that country a lot.

New cooking - You can read, learn and try recipes from another country.

Understanding foreign music - You will finally hear a song and know what it is talking about. You will also sing easily.

Find people with same hobby - In Brazil many people like cars, football, funk, soap operas. But what if you don't like it? Do you like golf? Who in Brazil likes golf? With a new language you will find people who have the same Hobbies and tastes as you.

Learn faster - Learning a new language helps you to improve your learning skills as it improves memory and exercises your brain.

Watch Movies and Series - With new Language you can watch movies and series with original audio from another country, without subtitles.

Read books - A new universe of books opens for you. Remember that texts in another language are different from the same text in Portuguese.

Access foreign sites - A range of information will extend to you. If you already think your internet access is extensive, can you imagine knowing another language?

Goodbye Google translator - You will never again break your head with the wrong and mechanical translations that Google offers us.

Thousands of reasons - You will be able to play new games, have new topics to talk about, it will be easier to learn other languages, there are thousands of other reasons and opportunities related to learning a new language.