What is the best course or book to learn pedagogy?


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Hunting for a perfect course or book to learn about Pedagogy? Don't know what you want? Want lots of options? In this post, Aprender Palavras went on a hunt and searched for the most popular Books and Courses on Pedagogy for you.

Our web site makes an external search for the best and cheapest courses and Pedagogy from famous sites like udemy and amazonbr. Sites that represent ease and confidence to take your knowledge up there.

The article is used to searching the udemy and amazon store for items related to Pedagogy. Then we present course options, then the main books, followed by a detailed analysis. Our post continues talking about the advantages of taking a course on the internet.

We ended the article with videos related to Pedagogy. The program always displays udemy and amazon products that have links with the article's theme, and we are always adding prices.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Pedagogia

Without blablabla we go to the list of courses and books.

The best courses on Pedagogy

See the content of the most popular course selected by people:

Pedagogy of Autonomy Course, by Paulo Freire

 in stock
as of July 13, 2021 4:18 am

Principles for an ethical, humanized and transformative education

Created by: André Azevedo da Fonseca
Professor at the State University of Londrina (UEL)
Rating: 4.75 (225 reviews)     706 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the political dimensions of the school to promote a plural and democratic education;
  • Develop dialogued classes capable of stimulating students' critical and creative thinking;
  • Exercise the ability to teach and learn from students' research projects in the classroom;
  • Identify the authoritarian practices reproduced at school and encourage the exercise of democratic authority;
  • Relate the contents of the discipline with the socio-cultural context of the students and their community;
  • Reflect on ethical issues inherent to the most diverse learning and teaching activities;
  • Reread Paulo Freire's book with new perspectives, contextualizing his pedagogy to the challenges of the 21st century;
  • Understand the fundamentals of Freirean praxis and deepen the reading of the book with new references.


  • Language course accessible to people of any background
  • Suitable for students interested in understanding the possibilities of transforming the classroom
  • Suitable for teachers of any level of education interested in improving their teaching performance
  • Indicated to educational managers and technicians in the governmental sphere, in social movements and in the third sector
  • Particularly suitable for undergraduate students who wish to complement their higher education

Target audience

  • All people interested in education and social transformation
  • Students from any field, especially those who aspire to a teaching career
  • Directors, coordinators and administrative staff in educational institutions
  • Teachers at all levels and teaching modalities - from kindergarten to higher education
  • Public managers and technical advisors in the field of Education
  • Coordinators of NGOs and institutes linked to education

Udemy's Pedagogy courses are completely online, you can get into those you like and learn at your own pace. Once enrolled, access is for life. This means that online courses are the best options.

If you are not satisfied with a course, you can request a full refund within 30 days of enrollment.

With Udemy website you will have the option of studying with courses in different categories such as: computers, languages, artistic painting, music, computer graphics, Spanish, coaching, logistics, well-being, exercises, production, web programmer, windows, hardware , self-confidence, revenue, websites, maternity, winning people, tools, money, telemarketing, government, advertising and more. All this at a bargain price.

It is good to mention that the site udemy it has full support for Portuguese and the real currency, even the values ​​are cheaper than those shown in $ USD. Udemy lives in promotions, which helps a lot in your choice. When you open the site you will see the value in our currency, the real.

The best books to learn Pedagogy

See the books we chose from our vast friend AmazonBR, accompanied by guidelines for the reader.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Pedagogia

Amazon is a store recognized worldwide for its books and products. With the books displayed here, you can jump into the study of Pedagogy in multiple different ways. Wisdom is important, so we urgently need to encourage you to dedicate yourself to learning.

Perhaps the most relevant book according to Amazon Brazil is: Studying Gaming Literacies: Theories to Inform Classroom Practice.

Amazon accepts payment slips, debit and credit cards from Visa, Elo, Mastercard and Diners Clubs that can be divided depending on the product. When you purchase a book, you will be able to follow the tracking to your home.

Access multiple free digital books on a Kindle reader or on your android or iOS:

You can download the app on your phone and try Kindle Unlimited, a Netflix type of ebook - books. You can use it free for a month. just download and register when the option appears in some of the books you select on this site.

You can also decide to buy one Kindle device to have access to several free or low cost ebooks. We indicate click here for details.

Also try searching for more books in the search box at the bottom of this page!

Advice for buying the best book:

Reflectively select the book you are going to buy.
Don't worry about the price of the product, knowledge is expensive.
See all the details before comparing.
Set up the items you want in the book. 
Know how to read an Ebook.
See user comments there on the product page. 
Check for other books that appear within the amazon site.
Be sure to buy a book by the description.
Some Kindle eBooks are free to open.

I believe you have purchased a magnificent Pedagogy book.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Pedagogia

Reasons to choose an online course

If you chose to take an online course, you've come to the best place! I chose here the pros and cons of buying a course on the Udemy platform:

A program where everyone can invent their own courses. 
Cheaper - Invest cheaper in something more expensive.
Practicality - You learn whenever you want.
You don't have to leave the house to attend classes.
It can be opened from any mobile device.
Endless payment options, of a unique value.
Payments through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, boleto, AMEX and Discover.
The Teacher has much more time to dedicate to what the course can offer. 
A good online team to help you during the course.
Simpler to understand lessons.
 Video, audio and text classes.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests to improve your knowledge.

Show list of courses on Pedagogy;

Post completion

My name is Kevin, site writer Suki Desu and Learning Words. My desire is to take learning to many. I have created several ways to get you here to stimulate your studies.

Our web site is focused on teaching things, take advantage of recommendations. We like to write tables with words to help in your language learning, but soon we are growing far beyond languages.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Pedagogia

Knowledge about an established subject and its likely benefits will require the student's dedication. It makes no difference if you choose a book or course in Pedagogy, it all depends on your dedication! For this reason we will share some topics for you to think about in your studies.

The only defeat is to stop without committing.
In any Book, the first step is to read the introduction.
Write to record the theme.
Walk slowly for better effects.
Sharpen the points with greater difficulty. 
Teach what to learn.
Keep away from daydreams. 
Be flexible for better effects.
Edit points.
Choose a method that makes your face.
Create questions about the objective in question.

I imagine you have enjoyed the advice of pedagogy courses and books! If you want to share on social networks, we will be very happy. Take advantage of our website, and may it help you to learn more and more!