What is the best book or course to learn photography?

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Looking for a cheap book or course to learn Photography? Don't know which one to buy? Want options? Today, Aprender Palavras made a complete search and chose the most purchased Courses and Books on Photography to show you.

Our website does an external search for the best-selling books and courses on Photography from online sites like amazon and udemy. Sites that convey confidence and ease to take your study up there.

The post is huge, thinking about it, we created an index to help you find it without difficulty:

The site chooses to search the amazon and udemy website for products related to Photography. Then we show you course options, then the best books, followed by a detailed description. The text helps talking about the possibilities and advantages of taking a course at Udemy.

We ended the article with videos about Photography. My program always shows udemy and amazon products that talk about the keyword of the article, and we are always adding book prices.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Fotografia

Without blablabla we go to the list of books and courses.

The best Photography courses

See the content of the most relevant course chosen by us:

Photography, Total mastery of light. Safety when shooting.

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as of August 12, 2023 4:26 pm

Understand, once and for all, techniques and adjustments that make up photography. Logical reasoning and confidence when shooting.

Qual o melhor Livro ou Curso para aprender Fotografia?
Created by: Alex Borghi
Professional photographer and Photography Instructor.
Rating:4.6 (72reviews)     431students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Students, when completing the course, will have a clear notion about how photography works and will be able to apply the techniques taught using logical reasoning, having complete security to photograph in any situation in different light scenarios present in the place.
  • Light - Our raw material. The properties of Light (Quantity, Intensity, Color, Direction). We will understand and control.
  • Difference between Reflective Light and Incident Light - Very important concept almost never mentioned.
  • The Camera - It's just a light meter. Our job is to adjust it.
  • Camera and its operating modes. Automatic - Semi-Automatic and Manual.
  • Lenses - their 2 properties - their 2 types - their groups.
  • The 3 main settings that make up the photograph, ISO, Aperture and Speed. We will combine them perfectly.
  • Contrast - Enemy of the photographer or an aspect easy to master? Concept and the 4 ways I have for your control.
  • Videos from external practical classes demonstrating how it should be done when shooting to obtain really professional images.
  • Use of Batter, Reflector and Diffuser for contrast control and for filling light.
  • Flash - let's learn the technique called "Imperceptible Flash" using flash with natural lighting.


  • Any camera with manual mode. No prerequisites are necessary.
  • The most important thing for you to succeed in this course is the passion for photography. You sure do. The rest can leave with me.

Target audience

  • Everyone who wants to: start, learn or improve their knowledge of photography.
  • The Course is for all levels: this is my dream, I want to be a photographer - my favorite hobby I want to improve - I am a professional and I always look for different techniques.

Udemy Photography courses are entirely online, you can enroll in those that interest you and learn at your own pace. When registering, access is for life. This means that online courses are the best options.

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If you are not happy with a course, you can request a full refund within 30 days of payment.

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On the Udemy website you will have the possibility to learn with courses of different varieties such as: internet, programming, artistic painting, sounds, computer graphics, English, coaching, marketing, health, fitness, production, graphic design, windows, hardware, self-confidence , recipes, wordpress, parenting, dating, parts, money, telemarketing, administration, advertising and etc. All this at a bargain price.

It’s good to remember that the site udemy it has full support for Portuguese and Real, even the values ​​are usually cheaper than those shown in dollars. Udemy lives on promotions, which helps a lot in learning. Upon entering the site you will get the value in our currency.

The most recommended books to learn about Photography

See the books we chose from our great friend Amazon, accompanied by some instructions for buying and choosing the book.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Fotografia

The amazon store is well known for its great sales system. With the books found here, you must indulge in the study of Photography from several different perspectives. Learning is necessary, so we urgently want to encourage you to cultivate in study.

I think the best selling book according to Amazon is: Children.

Amazon accepts payment slips, debit and credit cards from Visa, Elo, Mastercard and Diners Clubs that can be paid in installments depending on the product. When you buy a book, you will be able to follow the tracking to your home.

Get access to numerous free digital books on a Kindle reader or on your smarthphone:

You can download the app on your Android or iOS and try Kindle Unlimited, a Netflix type of ebooks - books. You can use it free for a month. Just register and download when the option appears on some of the books you select on this site.

You can also choose to buy one Kindle reader to have access to a variety of low-cost or free ebooks. We recommend click here for details.

Also try to find more books in the search box at the bottom of this page!

Advice for selecting the right book:

Find out with good sense the book you are going to buy.
Don't care about product spending, knowledge lasts forever.
See the entire description of the book before comparing.
Create the items you are looking for in the book. 
Know how to read an Ebook.
See people's comments on the product page. 
Surf for other book options that appear on the amazon book site.
Don't judge a book by its description.
Some Kindle eBooks are free to access.

I wish you have chosen a magnificent book on Photography.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Fotografia

Reasons to choose an online course

If you want to take a course on the internet, you've come to the right place! I have noted here some benefits of choosing a course on the Udemy website:

A program where everyone can create their own courses. 
Smaller than the competition - Invest cheaper in an online course.
Flexibility - You study at home.
You will not need to spend time going out to study with a course.
It can be used from anywhere.
Many payment options, of a single value.
Several payment options through Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, boleto and Paypal.
The Instructor has all the time to dedicate himself to the course material. 
Full online support to answer questions and assist throughout the course.
Better to understand the content.
 Video, audio and text classes.
Classes with tests, quizzes and additional exercises for you to improve your knowledge.

Show udemy Photography course list;

Some Related Videos

Look at what youtube has to show:

How to go from beginner to professional in photography




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Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Fotografia

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