What is the best book or course on philosophy?

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Searching for a cheap book or course to learn about Philosophy? Don't know what you want? Want to examine options? In this post, Aprender Palavras went on a hunt and searched for the most popular Books and Courses on Philosophy for you visitor.

Our website does an external search of the best selling books and courses Philosophy from websites like udemy and amazon. Sites that spread ease and confidence to take your knowledge and learning through the ages.

The text is long, so we've separated a list to help you navigate what you want:

The program chooses to search the udemy and amazon website for items related to the keyword Philosophy. Then we show you course options, then the best books, followed by an informative description. Our text goes on to talk about the possibilities and benefits of taking a web course.

We ended the article with videos related to Philosophy. The site always shows the famous udemy and amazon items that have links to what you are looking for, and we are always updating book prices.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Filosofia

Without delay, let's go to the list of books and courses.

The cheapest and best courses on Philosophy

See a description of the best course selected by Udemy:

Medicine & amp; Philosophy

 in stock
as of September 19, 2021 5:11 pm

Assimilate philosophy as practical life and not as contemplative life

Created by: MD Education Center
Information that generates transformation
Rating: 1 (1 reviews)     4 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the concept of philosophy, born as a human project in Greece, as a life practice in search of a wisdom that surpassed the ephemerality of existence
  • Assimilate philosophy as LIFE PRACTICE and not as CONTEMPLATIVE LIFE
  • Entender o esquema tríplice da filosofia como: elaboração teórica do que é, atuação prática do que devemos fazer, aceitação vivencial do que devemos almejar/esperar para nós livrarmos da angústia da consciência da mortalidade
  • When do we lose the ability to talk about the soul's anxieties, becoming such utilitarian beings?
  • Life guided by a mythological brain, that is, a reason that is built around the logic of myth
  • Knowing the history of Odyssey Odyssey
  • Relate Ulysses' story with Plato's philosophy in his theory of truth, that is, his ANAMNESIS
  • Evidence how the Platonic truth theory is the prototype, even today, of the way the doctor seeks the truth
  • Questioning when we lost the ability to view the anxieties of existence as possible subjects to be addressed in the office dialogues
  • Understand the two ways of understanding the organization of the universe according to the great mythological visions: the Greek tragic concept vs. the saving concept of Christianity
  • Expose the story of the creation of the Greek cosmos through the struggle of gods descended from chaos, generating an unstable order of nature, requiring perpetual vigilance to maintain harmony
  • The history of Judeo-Christian creation with the optimism of the God who never gives up on humanity in search of his rescue generating a human universe that brings in itself a possible and ultimate answer to our ills
  • What kind of doctor are you: Greek tragic or Judeo-Christian optimist? Is order a difficult struggle over unstable foundations or an evil with a possible and final apocalyptic good?
  • Understand how Reality (with a capital R) is "unavoidable" for human reason
  • Understand human reason, understood as "me", to be a historical and cultural situation


  • Recommended for students and healthcare professionals

Target audience

  • Everyone interested in philosophy applied to medical sciences

Udemy's Philosophy courses are completely online, you can enroll in those you like and learn at your own pace. When enrolled, access is forever. This means that online courses are the best options.

If you don't like a course, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

On the Udemy website you will be able to study with courses of different types: computer science, languages, artistic painting, sounds, design, Russian, personal development, logistics, wellness, fitness, production, web programmer, windows, hardware, security, recipes, wordpress, child care, relationships, tools, investments, telemarketing, administration, import and many others. All this for a low investment.

It is good to remember that the site udemy has full support for Portuguese and Real, even the values ​​are apparently cheaper than those presented in $ USD. Udemy lives in promotions, which helps a lot in your choice. When you open on udemy you will see the value in our currency, the real.

The most recommended books to learn about Philosophy

Contemplate the books or products we choose from our powerful friend Amazon Brazil, accompanied by recommendations for you.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Filosofia

The amazon store is world renowned for its books and products. With the books found here, you should immerse yourself in learning about Philosophy in infinite different ways. Learning is necessary, so we need to fully encourage you to immerse yourself in study.

It seems that the most famous book according to Amazon Brazil is: 360º - Philosophy: Ensemble.

Amazon do Brasil accepts payment slips, debit and credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Elo and Diners Club which can be paid in installments depending on the product. When paying for a book, you will be able to follow the tracking to your home.

Get access to different free E-Books on a Kindle device or on your android or iOS:

You can download the app on your iOS or Android and use Kindle Unlimited, a kind of Netflix of digital books. You can use it free for a month. just register and download when the option appears in some of the books you select in this post.

You can also decide to buy one Kindle reader to have access to several free or low-cost digital books. We indicate click here to see more.

We also recommend searching for more books in the search box at the bottom of this page!

Suggestions for purchasing a good book:

Track all information before comparing.
Choose wisely the book you are going to purchase.
Don't mind the expense of the book, knowledge is infinite.
Make the information you are looking for in the book. 
Reread people's ratings on the book page. 
Understand how to read an Ebook.
Walk through other books that appear within the amazon book site.
Be sure to buy a book by the cover.
Some Kindle eBooks are free to access.

I imagine I managed to find an excellent Philosophy book.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Filosofia

Advantages of taking an online course

If you want to take a distance learning course, you have come to the best site! I put here some advantages of taking a course on the Udemy website:

Udemy is a website where everyone can create their own courses. 
Flexibility - You study at home.
Cheaper - Spend cheaper on something of high value.
You will not need to leave home to take the course.
Can be used from any smartphone.
The Creator has all the time to engage in the course material. 
Multiple options to pay, no monthly fees.
Payments through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others.
Easier to understand the matter.
Online Service and Support to assist and answer questions throughout the course.
 Video, audio and text classes.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to improve your knowledge of the subject.

See list of udemy courses in Philosophy;

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See what youtube has to show:

Author points

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My web site is immersed in learning certain subjects, take advantage of our learning tips. We like to share tables with words to help you learn languages, but soon we are growing far beyond languages.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Filosofia

The instruction on any subject and the viable benefits will require the student's effort. It doesn't matter if you choose a book or course related to Philosophy, everything will depend on your dedication! So we will share some items for you to use in your learning.

The only idiocy is to stop without looking.
In every book, the best thing to do is to see from beginning to end.
Write about what to study to memorize the point.
Do not study everything at once for best results.
Choose topics that you cannot understand. 
Use what you study.
Run out of inattention. 
Try several options for best performance.
Organize mental images.
Separate a subject that is effective.
Invent situations on the subject.

I wish you loved the Philosophy courses and books! If you want to share on social networks, we will be very happy. I hope you like our site, and that it can help you learn a lot!