The biggest words of Portuguese and the world

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Have you ever stopped to ask what is the biggest word in the Portuguese language? Or what is the biggest word in each language? How many letters does it have and what does it mean? In this article we will learn giants words you never thought existed.

The largest word recorded in a dictionary has 46 letters and is Pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiotic which is a word related to an acute lung disease caused by inhalation of volcanic ash. There are many technical words that have more than 30 letters like:

  • Parachlorobenzylpyrrolidinonethylbenzimidazole
  • Piperidinoethoxycarbomethoxybenzophenone
  • Tetrabrometacresolsulfonophthalein
  • Dimethylaminophenyldimethylpyrazolone
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia

But the biggest non-technical word in Portuguese has 29 letters and is not constitutional, an adverb, which means the highest degree of unconstitutionality.

World's biggest word

The biggest word in the world is a Nordic insult:

  • pionaliopecaedriajerkdivhdjaldkrjanekdociddonamzzaripdeecedeo- geidofnsyejitecoalemmetpoadeclapenneaemahsjvukdubvgofn- docvirorivobnidpodovusodurnrhyvudoenbhsfciofnpemerohivokri,

This insult has 173 letters. This expletive is a curse on a white man formerly a slave but a slave.

There is a fictitious word with 182 letters, which is the name of a fictitious plate created by Aristophanes:

  • Lopadotemakhoselakhogaleokranioleipsanodrimypotrimmatosilphiokarabomelitokatakekhymenokikhlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryo-

Other languages

The table below shows the major words of a certain language. There may be bigger words, as some languages ​​are constantly changing, and several terms are created.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Language Word Letters Meaning
English  pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon 45 Lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silicon powder.
Japanese hatarakanakerebanaranai 23 need to work
Spanish super extraordinary 22 very extraordinary
French anticonstitutionnellement 25 not constitutional
Italian precipitevolissimevolamente 26 As fast as possible
Icelandic hæstaréttarmálaflutningsmaður 30 supreme court attorney
Swedish Тordöstersjökustartilleriflygspaningssim…
130 preparatory work in contributing to the discussion on the maintenance support system of the inspection device material of aviation simulator within the northeastern part of the Baltic coastal artillery.
Lithuanian Nebepasikiskiakopusteliaujanciuosiuose 38 that are no longer gathering wood.
Croatian Prijestolonaslijednikovica 26 an heir's wife to the throne.
Russian ryentgyenoelyektrokardiografichyeskogo (рентгеноэлектрокардиографического) 33/38 belongs to the electrocardiographic X-ray.
Polish Najcharakterystyczniejszego 27 form in the genitive for the adjective “the most characteristic”.
Turkish Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerk… 49 is an activity that prepares children for the carnival parade.
German Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhaupt… 80 Deputy head of the steamboat society with the main electric motor that transport on the Danube.
Hungarian megszentségtelenithetetlenségeskedéseite 44 their unspeakable attitudes

Is that you? Do you know big words or bigger than those?