Want to know how to teach a child to read? 

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Then keep reading this article, because literacy is not just a school job, but also a parent's job. 

In fact, you can help in this reading process with games and playful activities, both in the joining of syllables to become a word, or through numerical activities, drawings and even symbols.

Then follow the exclusive tips we have prepared for you below. 

 8 tips on how to teach a child to read

Check out some tips below for you to participate in a child's reading development.

1 – Show the difference in letters, symbols and drawings 

The first thing you can do to teach a child to read is to show them the difference in drawings, letters and symbols.

Although it seems simple, a child needs to assimilate the difference between them, to start the literacy process. 

Everything is new for a child, so be patient, as she is a sponge that absorbs everything that is taught.

2 – Teach about the alphabet

A great way to get your child to memorize the alphabet is through children's songs. 

Encourage her to listen to these songs and to memorize the order of the alphabet, as this will be of great help for her memorization and, later, to make the connection of letters, syllables and, finally, the words.

So, teach the child to draw the letters, in a fun way, starting with his own name and then with animals and toys that he likes. 

3 – Introduce the vowels

Then teach the child about the vowels and make the sound of each one, encouraging him to repeat it with you. 

Start with simpler words, like house and table, for example, helping the child to understand the different sounds that vowels make in words.

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Encourage the child to repeat and rhyme in a fun way, so that learning is lighter.

4 – Teach reading order

Teach her that reading starts from left to right, encouraging her to try to speak the first sounds.

Although it seems trivial, the child may still not know where to start. 

So be sure to explain something simple, but that can make all the difference when teaching a child to read. 

5 – Encourage reading whenever you can

In general, most places and objects have something written on them, whether on cereal, on television or on the street. 

So, whenever you can, encourage the child to read these things, because over time, he will begin to identify letters, words and sounds on his own.

6 – Set aside time to read with the child

Inside the house, set aside time with the child to encourage reading. 

Grab a children's book and ask her to sit next to you and follow along as you read, paying attention to the sounds of the words, the order in which you read, etc.

7 – Be the example

In general, children imitate everything their parents do. 

So show that you have a taste for reading, so that the child is interested and curious to pick up a book and start leafing through, for example. 

These imitation stimuli are of great importance in the child's learning role.

8 – Make reading fun

The easiest way to generate interest in reading in children is to show them that it can be fun.

Therefore, choose comic books, such as manga or Monica's Gang, for example, which have already helped hundreds of children to generate their first interest in reading.

You can also look for educational games that contain the alphabet, memory games, illustrated puzzles, among other games, and educational activities to teach your child to read while having fun.

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Conclusion on how to teach a child to read

The tips we have given in this article can certainly help you teach your child to read while having fun.

It is important to be patient with the child and not forget that everything is new to him. 

So, be an example whenever you can, encourage reading, play games and enjoy this magical moment that is the beginning of learning.

I hope this article will help you make reading for your child more fun and easier.

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