Spanish verbs - List in Español - Português

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In this article we will share a large list of Spanish verbs for you to study and conjugate. Studying verbs in the Spanish language requires a little knowledge in the conjugation and grammar of the language. We'll leave some tips below, but we recommend deeper into the subject of verbs in this article we focus on a list of verbs commonly used in the Spanish language.

  • Verbs in Spanish have three conjugations, which are defined by the terminations AR, ER, IR;
  • There are verbs irregular that their terminations do not obey the established models;
  • There are verbs defective that do not match at all times;
  • There are verbs reflective that express an action taken and received by the subject;
  • There are verbs auxiliaries that lose meaning when forming compound times;

We recommend using anki to memorize the verbs and phrases in this article.

List of verbs in Spanish

The list is somewhat varied with the verbs in a few different conjugations. We will give priority to verbs suffering some change from Portuguese to Spanish.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Verbs in Portuguese Verbos em espanhol
we love nos encanta
I will love amaré
we will love amaremos
loved it me encantó
master me encanta
floor andar
present (something or someone) presentar
enjoy disfrutar
Act actuar
to shave afeitar
beber beber
kiss besar
play play jugar
walk caminar
sing cantar
to call llamar
stick, stick pegar
eat, feed comer
begin empezar
purchase comprar
talk platicar
copy, copy copiar
run correr
Cook cocinar
create crear
greet, greet saludar
we give damos
will give daré
we will give daremos
we gave dimos
take off despegar
to describe describir
Wish desear
to draw dibujar
waking up despertar
type digitar
we drive conducimos
we drive manejamos
to drive conducir
I will drive manejaré
we will drive nos dirigiremos
drive conduzco
tell decir
they-told-us nos dijeron
to sleep dormir
I give doy
escolher elegir
we write escribimos
I will write escribiré
we will write escribiremos
wrote (él) escribió
I wrote (yo) escribí
I write escribo
listen escuchar
listen escuchar
park aparcar
to study estudiar
we speak hablamos
speak hablar
I will speak hablaré
we will talk hablaremos
I said (yo) hablé
I speak hablo
said (él) habló
do hacer
win ganar
we take tomamos
I'll take tomaré
we will take tomaremos
take tomo
to clean limpiar
look, watch mirar
hear oír
catch, grab coger
practice prácticar
reply responder / contestar
smile (yo) sonreí
we smile sonreimos
we smile sonreímos
smile sonrío
I will smile sonreiré
we will smile sonreiremos
smiled (él) sonrió
submit, subscribe apuntarse
try, experiment intentar
to work trabajar
sell vender
to live vivir

Verbos em espanhol - Lista en Español - Português

Spanish verbs in action

Below we will share some short phrases that can help you learn Spanish verbs:

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
In Portuguese Em espanhol 
she competes with me… ella compite conmigo
she purchase foods… ella compra alimentos
she descended this for me ... ella me lo describió
she shrunk quickly… él se redujo rápidamente
she writes that… ella escribe eso
she spent money… ella gasta dinero
she threw that… ella lo arrojó
she it took that… ella tomó eso
she does not likes of this… no le gusta que
she choose ella lo elige
she think what… ella imagina eso
she can ask to him… ella puede pedirle
she prefers what… ella prefiere eso
she repeat what… (ella) repite eso
she if forgot of me… ella me olvidó
she if looks with him… ella es como él
she too feel like this… ella lo siente también
it eats much… él come mucho
it escaped él se escapó
he made the beard él se afeitó la barba
it shouted because of this… él lloró por eso
it comes on here… aquí viene (él)
they want what… ellos quieren eso o lo quieren
they get refuse speaking… se niegan a hablar
they suggest what… sugieren que
they go punish-her-... la van a castigar
We understand what… entendemos eso
I sent that yesterday ... lo envié ayer
i the I know yo lo conozco
i the I surprised lo sorprendí
I can begin that… puedo iniciar eso
I can to compare that… puedo compararlo
i can me apologize puedo pedir disculpas
I can follow-him puedo seguirte
I will go speak about this… voy a hablar de ello
we speak about this… hablamos de eso
we closed that… lo cerramos
We did that yesterday ... lo hicimos ayer
we run away from there… huimos de allí
we liked of this… lo disfrutamos
I-remember what… recuerdo eso
I can not to agree thereby… puedo estar de acuerdo con eso
knot the we forgive lo perdonamos
we we got ganamos
we we teach that… lo enseñamos
we we complain of this… nos quejamos de eso
we the We invite los invitamos
we the we greet los saludamos
we the we protect los protegemos
we will leave now… nos vamos ahora
I can put on that there ... lo puedo poner ahí
I can ramp up that… puedo construirlo
I can give-you that… yo puedo darle (a ella)
I can decide now… yo puedo decidir ahora
I can explain that… puedo explicarlo
I can speak that… puedo hablar
I can hear that… puedo escuchar eso
I can think in that… puedo pensar en ello
we received that… lo recibimos
we suffer thereby… sufrimos por eso
maybe I arrive tomorrow… puedo llegar mañana

I hope you enjoyed this list of verbs in Spanish. We appreciate the comments and shares!