Types of meat in Portuguese and English

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In today's article you will learn about the types of meat in the Portuguese and English language! Beef, pork and poultry. The other countries have different cuts from our Brazil, so there are many meats that do not have a correct translation and vice versa.

Types of Meat

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Portuguese Inglês 
Ostrich Ostrich
The final part of the rib. Back ribs
Chicken wing Chichen wings
Birds Poultry
Steak Steak
Cured meat Cured meats
Pork Pork
Monday meat. Stew meat
Beef Beef
Veal Veal
Ground beef Ground beef
Dried meat, but not salty like ours. Beef jerky
dried meat Dried meats
Sheep rack Lamb loin chop
Chorizo, blood sausage. Blood sausage
Chuleta Prime rib
Chuleta Rib steak
Kebab New york strip
Kebab Sirloin steak
Rump Heart Baby beef
Chicken heart Chicken hearts
Heart Heart
Cuts, cuts of meat. Cut
Rack of lamb Lamb chop
Rack of lamb. Lamb ribs
Pork rib. Pork ribs
Lath rib Short ribs
Rib Beef ribs
Lamb ribs. Lamb spareribs
Chicken thigh Chicken drumsticks
Chicken thigh Chicken legs
Termite Hump steak
Brain Brain
Smoked Smoked
Tripe Tripe
Filet mignon Filet mignon
Filet mignon Tenderloin
Baby diaper Flank steak
Chicken Chicken
Cold cuts (ham, cheese, etc.). Cold cuts
Chicken liver Chicken liver
Liver Liver
Grilled Grilled
Boar Wild boar
Kafta Kefta
Pepperoni sausage. Calabrese pork sausage
Chicken sausage. Chicken sausage
Pork sausage. Brazilian pork sausage
Lamb tenderloin. Lamb tenderloin
Pork tenderloin Pork tenderloin
Mutton loin. Lamb loin roast
Pork loin. Pork loin
Language Tongue
Rump titty Sirloin tri tip roast
Kids Offal
T-shaped bone with meat on both sides. The longest side is the fillet, and the shortest side is the tenderloin T-bone steak
Bones that are used in soups or broths. Soup bones
Sheep palette Lamb leg
duck Duck
Breast (chicken breast) Chest
Chicken breast. Chicken breast
Chest, like chicken breast. Breast
Lamb shank. Lamb short leg
Pork shank. Pork ham
Peru Turkey
Picanha of pork Pork sirloin
Filet Steak Top sirloin
Canadian ham. Canadian bacon
Ham Ham
Pururuca Baby pork
Meat that has no bone. Bone-out
Meat that has bone. Bone-in
Chicken upperleg. Chicken thigh

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