Tonal Languages ​​- # 1

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Hello Readers of Learn Words !!! the languages ​​that use tonal sounds or other sounds that are not common with the Romanesque can seem quite scary and impossible to learn, but let's find out a little about some of these in this first part and see some expressions and maybe a little song ??? !! !!

Before what is Tonal language?

In simple terms it is using an intonation to differentiate the same words from others.

Come on!!!!


Also known as Xhosa or Isixhosa is spoken in South Africa and in Lesotho, is from the linguistic family Niger-Congo and is Tonal and has “Clics”

Yes, CLICS, see some expressions in that language:

The clicks come from 3 consonants C, X and Q

here's how to pronounce them:

Let's go to Cantonese now

O Cantonês ou 广东话/廣東話 –  gwong2 dung1 waa6 /Gwóngdūng Wah, is spoken in the Canton region of China, in Hong Kong and Macau is of the Sino-Tibetan family and is considered a dialect (in the future we will talk more about Cantonese).

Unlike Chinese with only 4 tones, Cantonese has ONLY () 6 tones that are “transliterated or Romanized” with the Sidney Lau system.

Let's see the tones of Cantonese:

Cantonese expressions:

Readers, the list of tonal languages ​​is not over yet, for today we will just leave you with this information ... but we will continue in the next articles.

In closing I will leave you with a song in the languages ​​we saw today:

Xhosa:  Miriam Makeba - The Click Song

Cantonese: -木偶 - 鄒文 正 - Terry zou - Mu Ou

To the next!!!!