The secret to learning words in other languages

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Do you want to discover the secret to learning words in Portuguese and English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese or any other language? In this article we will talk about a secret that will help you learn words in other languages ​​better and help to increase your vocabulary.

I was watching a video of my friend Mairo Vergara and he talked a little about the secret to learn words in Portuguese and English, based on the video that I will leave below I am writing this article.

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To start, I think I say this a lot on the site: Don't learn isolated words! Your brain won't want to memorize those words and vocabulary lists. Use these lists only as references or to satisfy curiosity or answer questions, avoid using vocabulary lists to memorize and learn isolated words.

The big secret to learn words

The big secret to learning words in other languages ​​is simply not to care about them. Forget it, don't try to count how many words you know, don't waste time learning isolated words. You can try to memorize 10 words a day, no matter what you do, you will forget them, unless you learn the right way.

The brain is programmed to forget those useless little words. The best way to learn words is to fully immerse yourself in the language, study sentences and complete sentences, read texts, listen to audios without worrying about vocabulary. Doing this the number of content that will enter your head will be much greater than when trying to memorize words that you forget.

Don't forget that, don't waste time studying isolated words! Try to absorb as much content as possible, studying texts naturally. This is today's tip, if you liked it, share it with your friends and leave your comments!