Leitner's memorization system

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In today's article we will talk about the system of memorization responsible for creating flashcards and anki tool which is widely used among language students.

The Leitner system was invented by a German named Sebastian Leitner who created a system where the use of flashcards is much more effective and used.

Instead of the person wasting their time memorizing flashcards in a disorganized way, the German took a total of 5 boxes and separated the flashcards in a way that the learning is really effective.

How does the Leitner System work?

First you must define what you want to learn, suppose you have chosen English. As you learn, you must create flashcards or cards with an English word or phrase on one side and Portuguese on the other.

With the 5 boxes in hand, rename the boxes as described in the image below, and make a schedule so as not to conflict.


You must place all flashcards in the first box, you must review the first box every day. When a word is answered correctly, the flashcard must be passed to the next box. The cards in the next box are reviewed at intervals longer than those in the first box, and so on. Cards answered incorrectly go back to the previous box or to the first box, as you prefer.

You can also set the time for each box in the way that suits you best. Some usually use a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly box.

What can you do?

Unfortunately, this system is less and less used manually. Most people use applications and programs to manage their flashcards using this system. If you want to use the Leitner system manually, try to pack 5 boxes or 1 box with divisions and then buy cards and make your flashcards and start your studies.