The best Android Courses and Books (Mobile System)

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Looking for a good book or course on Android (The Google system)? Don't know where to look? Want lots of options? In this article, Aprender Palavras made a hunt and selected the cheapest and best Courses and Books on Android for you reader.

Our site is an external hunt of better and cheaper courses and books Android from internet sites like amazonbr and udemy. Sites that spread security and ease to take your learning and knowledge to advanced levels.

Our article is huge, so we made a list so you can find it without difficulty:

Our system chooses to search the amazon and udemy store for courses and books related to the keyword Android. Our text continues to talk about the possibilities of taking an online course. Then we present course options on Android followed by an informative description.

We ended the article with videos about Android. Our website always shows quality products from Amazon and udemy that are related to Android, and always renewing product prices.

Os melhores Cursos e Livros de Android (Sistema Mobile)

The most popular Android books

Look at the products or books we choose our vast dear AmazonBR, accompanied by some instructions for you.

The amazon store is well known for its great prices and product quality. With the books found here, you can immerse yourself in the study of Android in many different ways. Wisdom is something important, so we need to encourage you and to dedicate learning.

Perhaps the most famous book according to Amazon is: Android: Prototyping Applications Professional.

Advice for choosing a good book:

  • Choose wisely the book will acquire.
  • Don't mind spending the book, knowledge is priceless.
  • See all the details before comparing.
  • Write the questions you seek in the book.
  • Know how an Ebook works.
  • Read people's comments on the amazon website.
  • Walk through other recommended books within the amazon website.
  • Be sure to buy a book for some negative comments.
  • Some Kindle eBooks are free to download.

Get access to several free E-Books on a Kindle device:

You can decide to buy one Kindle device to have access to several free or low cost ebooks. We indicate click here to see a kindle.

Information on Amazon Brasil:

Amazon accepts payment slips, debit and credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Elo and Diners Club which can be paid in installments depending on the product. When you pay for a book, you will be able to follow the tracking to your home. I hope you managed to find a magnificent book on Android Programming.

Advantages of taking an online course

If you want to take an online course, you've come to the best place! I selected here some benefits of enrolling in a course on the Udemy platform:

  • A program where everyone can take their own classes.
  • Cheaper - Pay a lot less for an online course.
  • Practicality - You learn at home.
  • You will not need to move around to study with a course.
  • It can be opened from any device.
  • Many payment options, of a single value.
  • Various payment options through Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, boleto and Paypal.
  • The Creator has all the time to devote himself to the course material.
  • A good online team to assist and answer questions during the course.
  • Easier to understand the matter.
  • Video, audio and text classes.
  • Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests to improve your knowledge of the subject.


Udemy's Android courses are entirely online, you can enroll in those you like and learn your way. When enrolled, access is eternal. This means that courses are always up to date.

If you don't like a course, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

The cheapest and best courses on Android

See information on the most popular course chosen by the site:

Android Development Course - Learn to create 15 apps

 in stock
as of November 28, 2023 9:45 am

Complete Android development course; Create apps like Instagram, Flappy Bird, WhatsApp and more.

Os melhores Cursos e Livros de Android (Sistema Mobile)
Created by: Jamilton Damasceno
Systems Analyst
Rating:4.61 (12877reviews)     52828students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to create real apps that can be shown to friends or used in a job interview.
  • Offer your Android developer service for companies.
  • Learn how to build Android applications with leading famous app features like: Flappy Bird, Instagram and WhatsApp.


  • Beginners course: you will learn from scratch how to develop applications for Android; no prior programming knowledge is required
  • Computer with Internet access.
  • No paid software is needed.
  • Android Studio 2.1

Target audience

  • Anyone wants to learn how to create applications for Android.

Other Android courses at Udemy

in stock
in stock
in stock
in stock

The value on our site may appear in dollars, but it is good to remember that the site udemy has full support for the Portuguese and the actual currency, including the values ​​are apparently cheaper than those presented in US dollars. Udemy is always on promotions, which helps a lot in learning. When accessing the site you will find the price in reais.

With Udemy website you will be able to learn with courses in different categories such as: internet, programming, artistic painting, sounds, computer graphics, Japanese, personal development, marketing, health, fitness, production, web programmer, software, assembly computers, confidence, cooking, websites, parenting, people win, mechanical, money, telemarketer, management, reporting and more. All this for a little investment.

Some YouTube Videos

Take advantage of what the youtube website has to display:

Best Apps of the Week for Android and iOS (20/04/2018) - TecMundo


The 10 BEST OFFLINE GAMES FOR ANDROID 2018 ‹Android Bionico›


Author's conclusion

My name is Kevin, creator of the site Learning Words and Suki Desu. My goal is to bring knowledge to people. Lately we have been studying multiple ways to get to you to urge you to dedicate.

My website is focused on teaching things, make good use of our learning tips. Our job is to write tables with words to improve your language learning, but soon we are growing in other areas of teaching.

The instruction on any subject and its possible privileges will require the application of the student. It does not change if you choose a book or course, everything depends only on you! In view of this we leave some items for you to think in their studies.

  • The only failure is to give up without making an effort.
  • No matter the book, the first step is to read everything.
  • Write it down to keep what you have learned.
  • Always pause for best results.
  • Apure the most difficult issues.
  • Develop what you study.
  • Prevent procrastination.
  • Try several options for better effects.
  • Invent infographics.
  • Select a subject that has to do with you.
  • Create questions about the subject.

I wish them tanned indications courses and Android books! If you prefer to share with friends, we will be very grateful. Make good use of our website, and may it guide you to Learn it!