The best books and courses to learn Hebrew

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Some strongly desire to learn Hebrew, but do not know where to start. Hebrew, the famous language of the Bible seems to be a very complicated language, but there are no languages ​​more complicated than Portuguese. Because it is an ancient language it is completely easy! In this article we will recommend some courses and books for you to learn Hebrew.

Why should I learn Hebrew? Many people think of learning Hebrew to read the Bible, but is it just that? There are many other ancient documents that are written in Hebrew, speaking Hebrew is dealing with an invaluable linguistic treasure. Learning a language involves much more than reading a book, it involves immersing yourself in an unknown culture, in a new universe!

Os melhores livros e cursos para aprender Hebraico

The best courses to learn Hebrew

In doing an Internet search, I came to the conclusion that the only Hebrew courses that are worth taking a look at are:

Simple Hebrew - This online course is developed by Miriam, a pedagogue who has lived in Israel for more than 10 years and has a master's degree in education from Tel Aviv University. Her course teaches from literacy to conversational Hebrew. There are more than 30 classes, handouts and interactive exercises. For more information click here. 

Hebrew and Greek - This course is 2 in one and in addition to Hebrew it also teaches Greek. It was developed by the University of the Bible, so it possibly puts the Bible as a focus. It's a simple course that maybe you can take a look by clicking here.

Both courses mentioned in the article are sold through a very famous and secure online course platform called Hotmart. If you are afraid to invest your money in these courses, you have a safe guarantee of up to 30 days.

Os melhores livros e cursos para aprender Hebraico

The best books to learn Hebrew

The books below are from the Amazon store, one of the most famous Online book stores across the globe. I will share some books that I find interesting to take a look at. Unfortunately Amazon does not offer the option of boleto bancário, but you can find cards with a balance to sell in stores (like American stores) or on the internet itself. Just be a little careful when buying ...

First let's share some books with a focus on teaching Hebrew that we strongly recommend. Of course, to learn Hebrew you may need study materials, such as books to read. Our website strengthens the idea that the best way to learn a language is to read and absorb content in the language you want to learn.

Unfortunately it seems that books focused on teaching Hebrew from Zero are not easy to find, luckily there are courses and vocabulary books, not to mention youtube. The books below have a content and focus on the Hebrew of the Bible, we will also leave a Hebrew Bible that you probably want to acquire:

The books below correspond to dictionaries and books focused on Hebrew words and vocabulary:

I hope you enjoyed this short article that presents some books for you to learn the Hebrew language. If you liked the article, keep following the site and sharing our articles. Thank you and see you next time! Good studies! Finally, I will leave a Youtube video leaving some tips to learn Hebrew:

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