Technology and learning: why one does not cancel the other

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Discover how to use technology combined with learning and further enhance your knowledge

One thing is for sure: technology is here to stay, and we need to use it to our advantage. When it comes to learning, we think a lot that technology can disrupt this whole process, but what happens is the opposite. 

For this very reason, many schools are currently introducing technology as a means of teaching, which has worked very well. In addition to keeping students focused, it stimulates critical thinking and creativity in children.

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How to implement the use of technology?

There are many cool projects to work on in this learning environment, such as robotics, games and applications aimed at the educational area, entrepreneurship, among many others. 

Even in the classroom itself, encouraging children to use the computer for research, work and development of videos and presentations encourages students to become increasingly interested in the topics learned. 

In addition, the learning we teach our students is the basis for them to be able to develop new technologies in the future, increasingly improving everyone's quality of life.

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Games and games that use technology as development

Have you ever thought about how technology can be present in the learning of children and young people? Implementing some technological object can be easier than you might think.

See some resource alternatives that can combine technology to further enhance learning:


Many schools have implemented robotics classes and have had great results. The student develops with technology, stimulating creativity, critical thinking, motor skills and concentration, among others. 

Applying robotics in learning consists of using a pre-prepared kit that allows the student to assemble and create an action for him. For this, he will have to exercise creativity and logical thinking. 

Finally, robotics brings multidisciplinary knowledge already focused on problem solving, which prepares students for the job market while stimulating the skills they need at school.

educational games

An excellent option for children who love to play on the internet is to present games that directly stimulate learning — in addition to providing fun, it also develops skills. 

These types of games can stimulate different factors, such as motor skills, learning colors, names and languages. Furthermore, it can be a potent tool for teaching geographic and historical issues.

In this way, educational games are a perfect alternative to activate competition in a healthy way and implement gamification as an additional stimulator to develop pleasure in learning.

online readings

Making readings available online does not rule out physical books, but it can be a great option to stimulate the interest of children and adolescents in reading more. 

There are even a lot of different materials online these days. For children, for example, there are interactive digital books that can even work on the playful side of learning.

In addition, there are large reading projects that provide virtual libraries with content in many areas that are present in the school routine of children or young people, designed for their reality.


The tablet is an interesting instrument to be used both at school and at home. It has an ideal size for games, reading or even doing work. In addition, they have a great cost-benefit ratio for those who want to invest in technology, but do not have a lot of resources. 

They are much lighter to carry and more resistant. Another advantage is that these devices have a very positive impact on learning, as they bring autonomy to the student.

Unlike cell phones or computers, tablets allow greater interaction with the teachers or educators who are present, which maximizes the exchange between them, further enhancing learning.