Tatoeba - Learn Languages ​​with Phrases

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Today we are going to talk about one of the best sites to learn phrases in any language, be it English, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Korean, etc. THE tatoeba is a website with a huge collection of phrases in several languages, there are almost 5 million phrases in more than 280 languages.

These phrases can be translated from one language to another, in the correct way, in addition to showing several meanings and different ways of saying a certain phrase. All content on the site is created by collaborators, the site is open and anyone can collaborate. In this article we will talk about how to use tatoeba, your options, tips and care that you should take when using this wonderful phrase platform.

Getting to know the site

The tatoeba website offers phrases in several languages, and also with the option of audio. You learn not only one way to say a certain phrase, but several ways. On the website it is possible to filter by category, choose the language in which you search for the phrase and the language you want to know the translation and the various meanings and alternatives of speaking the phrase.

It is possible to browse the site through categories, languages, lists, tags and others. You can add phrases, improve phrases, discuss and many other options. In addition, to avoid wrong phrases, you can search for phrases that have been approved by users and site staff.


I personally don't know why the site is called tatoeba, but in Japanese 例 え ば (tatoeba) means “for example”, “suppose” and things like that.

How and why to use tatoeba?

Tatoeba can be used for many uses, we will give some suggestions for use below:

Verify translations - You found a word or phrase in a certain language, you want to know its meaning, tatoeba can have this same phrase and show several translations of it in Portuguese, and in other languages.

Learn new ways to say a phrase - Suppose you want to learn how to say "What is this" in another language? in tatoeba you can learn not only one way, but several ways to speak that phrase in another language. So your vocabulary is not the same.

Find sentences for anki - This website is a great place to find sentences to add to your anki. But do it wisely.

Learn how to pronounce - With audio you will be able to learn how to pronounce the phrase correctly in a certain language.

Something I like to do when entering tatoeba, is simply choose my default language and the language I want to learn and do a blank search, so I find all the phrases on the site. I also go the other way, putting the language I want to learn first and searching for the translation of the sentences into Portuguese. We also recommend using the English language to study another language, because you will find many more phrases.



Remember a few things before using tatoeba. Remember that some languages ​​have a formal and informal language, be careful not to learn informal phrases and use them in a formal conversation. Be very careful also with the possible wrong translations. Be careful when using the site to get sentences for anki, remember that anki is a tool to memorize what you have already learned.

I hope this article is useful for you, use this tool wisely, and good studies! Don't forget to share with friends and leave your comments. If you still don't know the site, its link will be below: (or click here.)