Swearing, Insults, Slang and Swearing in Italian

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In this article we will share a complete list of insults, insults, sexually suggestive slang and profanity in Italian. For some reason swearing and cursing in German is one of the things that students try to learn first when trying to learn the Italian language.

I hope you like the article, we recommend understanding the basics of German to correctly pronounce the words on this list or add them to a pronouncer like Google Translate itself. Also use CTRL + F to search for specific words in this gigantic list.

Swearing in Italian can be parolaccia.

Palavrões, Insultos, Gírias e Xingamentos em Italiano


I hope you like the list of bad words in Italian that we will share below. We also have other articles on swearing in Portuguese and English and swearing in spanish.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
italiano Portuguese
a pecorina four
abitare in culo al mondo live in the world
acciuga thin woman
amazzone strong woman
armar a barraca rizzarsi
arrapato, arrapata sexually excited, famous bitch or chicken
arruso, arrusa is the famous big ass, silly, crazy.
asino dumb
assatanato, assatanata excited, excited.
avere un culo così be lucky, fucked
averne piene le palle! I'm fed up!
azia ta monaca fdp
azia ta monaca! fdp
baldracca dog (used in street language).
bamboccio, pesce sucker.
bastardo nobody's son
battona prostitute
bella, beltà pretty Woman
bichinha ficus
bichona velha dead brother
birbante, furfante, birbone rascal.
bixa finocchio
bocchinara mouthpiece.
bucaiolo, busone gay who likes to take it in the ass (extremely offensive)
budiùlo asshole, idiot, sucker….
bugiardo(a) liar
burro donkey
cagna, sgualdrina, lucciola, meretrice, zoccola piranha, cow (vacca).
cammello, cadavere very ugly guy.
cavolo bludgeon
cazzata bullshit
cazzimma sinico, selfish attitude.
cazzo fuck
cazzo, minchia fuck
cessa, cozza ugly woman
cesso toilet bowl, has a connotation of a lot of shit, or someone very ugly
cesso! ugly, dirty, filthy
che culo! how lucky!
che palle! what a bag! what the fuck!
che sculo! bad luck! (person with little or no luck)
checca tail (more used than finocchio)
checca, culattina effeminate, closeted fagot, “pitbull is less”.
chiavare meter (synonym for humping)
chiavata shag
chupa o meu pau! fammi a bocchino
ciospo, cozza, cadavere, cammella very ugly, hideous woman !.
ciscranna finished woman
coda tail.
coglione stupid idiot.
coglione, che coglione pineapple. person who doesn't understand well and causes problems, incapable person.
coglioni balls
col cazzo! nor fucking!
colpire bimbar (synonymous with shagging)
cornuto cuckold
culattone, frocio, ricchione, finocchio gay, fag, fag
culo ass
cuscopatrice woman who fucks a lot
dar uma trepada make a scopata
diocane something like "dog-god". 
dire, raccontare palle! speak, tell lies
ditalino siririca
donna allegra life woman
faccia di culo ass face, ass face
fancullo ou và a fancullo go take it up the ass
fanculo, affanculo, vaffanculo variazioni of “go take it in the ass”
farabutto! son of a bitch!
fare la sega jerk off
farsi due palle (così)! tired as hell, piss off!
fica pussy
ficcati un dito in culo stick a finger in your ass
figa, figone attractive, hot woman.
figlio di buona donna, figlio di puttana son of a bitch.
figlio di puttana son of a bitch
filo di puttana son of a bitch
foggiano, tarantino Bahian cearence
fotarsi, fottere fuck, fuck
fottere, trombare, sbattere, inculare fuck
fottersi be there.
fracicone guy who likes to show up and tell of his achievements.
fregna, mona, fica, potta, brinca, pataca, patonza cunt
gendarme bossy woman.
goldone condom
grilletto sprout
in culandia ass of judas
inccazzarsi be upset, be pissed
inculare enraba
inculare screw up
infilati una scopa in culo e ramazza la stanza stick a broom in the sky and sweep the room.
leccaculo suck
leccaculo! sucks!
leccaculo, lechino sucks.
levati dalle palle! get off my foot!
loffa silent fart
lucciola,meretrice,zoccola, sgualdrina- piranha
maiale castrated pig.
maliarda femme fatale
manico guy who never eats or even leaves the woman.
mannaggia! way of expressing disappointment or impatience.
merdata absurd.
minchia! fuck! 
minchione, imbecillitê imbecile, very stupid person.
minchione, pirla hunk
mona, fica, potta cunt
mussa female orgasm
nave scuola woman who likes to teach sex to others.
noioso boring
noioso boring
non fare un cazzo do not fucking
non me rompe le palle don't get the bag
non mi rompere le palle do not bother me!
non rompere i miei coglioni it doesn't bother me.
ohé, li  Cum
padulo guy who can’t see a “skirt tail”.
pagliaccio, buffone clown, funny.
pedina people's wife
peidorreiro spara cazzate
pentelho blaterare
pirla stupid person (expression used in milan)
pistola stupid woman.
pompare bombar (synonym for humping)
pompino, bocchino blowjob
porca miseria What the hell! Cum!
porca puttana! bitch whore!
porco pig.
porcodio literally “pig-god”, but it is very offensive.
prendere per il culo make fun of someone
prendersela in culo screw yourself, screw you
pugnetta  jerk off
puppami la fava suck my dick !.
puttana, troia, bagascia, mignotta, sgualdrina, baldracca, zoccola bitch
puttanella bitch
quell’attore è proprio una palla! that actor is boring!
ricchione (o recchione), busone, bucaiolo, gaio fag, fag.
rompere il coglione fill the bag
saco di merda heap of shit
saco di merda! heap of shit!
saffica romp
sborra, schizzo cumshot
sborrare, schizzare enjoy
scemo(a) retarded
schifezza umana son of a bitch
scopare shag
scopatrice woman who fucks a lot
scoreggia, scorreggia, scureggia, correggia fart (rumorous)
sega, segaiolo handjob, wanker
segaiolo wanker
sei una busta di piscio you are a lot of piss
sesso sex
sfaccendeto (= vagabondo) bum.
sono cazzi tuoi it's your problem
spagnola Spanish
sparisci disappear, disappear
sparisci disappear, disappear.
strega ugly woman
stronzo you shit
stronzo! asshole, dizzy, big ass
stronzo, pezzo di merda evil person
stupido! dumb, slow person to understand.
tamarro person without nippe
testa di cazzo turtledove (insult)
testa di minchia fucking head
troia, bagascia, mignotta, puttana bitch
troietta whore
trombare fuck
ubriacone, beone drunk.
ucciola, meretrice, zoccola, sgualdrina Piranha
vacca cow (offense to women).
vaffanculo will take it up the ass.
vaffanculo! ou va fotto! fuck you! will take it up the ass!
troia slut
vai a cagare! go shit!
vai al diavolo! go to hell!
vattene! get out!
veado culattone
ventosa, succhiello, lecca-lecca, sfigato, sfigata mane
zinne, tette boobs, tits