Religion - Vocabulary and religious phrases in Portuguese and English

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In this short article we will learn a religious vocabulary in Portuguese and English, some phrases related to religion in Portuguese and English. Enjoy below, remembering that the best way to memorize-them phrases are added to the anki.

Feel free to use the browser search and find the religion related words you want.

Religious phrases in Portuguese and English

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
The House of Israel Coalition The Gathering of the House of Israel
The creation The Creation
The Exaltation Exaltation
The Atonement The Atonement
The Family Can Be Forever The Family Can Be Eternal
The Church of Jesus Christ Today The Church of Jesus Christ Today
The Church of Jesus Christ in Ancient Times The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times
The Law of Chastity The Law of Chastity
The Lord's Law of Health The Lord’s Law of Health
The Priesthood Organization Priesthood Organization
The Fall of Adam and Eve The Fall of Adam and Eve
The Second Coming of Christ The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
The Life of Christ The Life of Christ
Repentance Repentance
The Scriptures Scriptures
Baptism Baptism
Charity Charity
Eternal Wedding Eternal Marriage
How to Develop Our Talents Developing Our Talents
Tithes and Offerings Tithes and Offerings
Faith in Jesus Christ Faith in Jesus Christ
Honesty Honesty
Fasting Fasting
Jesus Christ, Our Leader and Chosen Savior Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior
Freedom of choice Freedom to Choose
Our Heavenly Family Our Heavenly Family
Our Heavenly Father Our Heavenly Father
The Lord's Day The Sabbath Day
The Gift of the Holy Spirit The Gift of the Holy Ghost
The Holy Spirit The Holy Ghost
The Final Judgment The Final Judgment
The Millennium The Millennium
The Post-Mortality Spirit World The Postmortal Spirit World
The People of the Lord's Covenant The Lord’s Covenant People
The Priesthood The Priesthood
The Sacrament The Sacrament
Temple and Family History Work Temple Work and Family History
Obedience Obedience
Pray to Our Heavenly Father Praying to Our Heavenly Father
The Gifts of the Spirit The Gifts of the Spirit
God's Prophets Prophets of God
Family Responsibilities Family Responsibilities
Sacrifice Sacrifice
Service Service
Signs of the Second Coming Signs of the Second Coming
Work and Personal Responsibility Work and Personal Responsibility
Missionary Work Missionary Work

Vocabulary of religion in Portuguese and English

Shall we complement the article with more words?

  • abby = Abbey
  • adam = Adam
  • altar = altar
  • apostle = apostle
  • archbishop = archbishop
  • atheism = atheism
  • baptism = baptism
  • bible = bible
  • bishop = bishop
  • cardinal = cardinal
  • cathedral = cathedral
  • cemetery = cementerium
  • chapel = chapel
  • chaplain = chaplain
  • charity = charity
  • choir = choir, choir
  • church = church
  • clergy = clergy
  • confession = confession
  • convent = convent
  • cult = cult
  • deacon = deacon
  • demon = demon
  • disciple = disciple
  • doom´s day = day of Judgment
  • Eve = Eva
  • faith = faith
  • Father = Father
  • god = god
  • gospel = evangelical
  • hospel Songs = gospel songs
  • heaven = heaven
  • hell = hell
  • Jehovah = Jehovah
  • Jesus Christ = Jesus Christ
  • mass = mass
  • miracle = miracle
  • monastery = monastery
  • monk = monje
  • mosque = mosque
  • nun = nun
  • parable = parable
  • paradise = paradise
  • Paradise = paradise
  • pastor = pastor
  • pilgrim = pilgrim
  • pope = pope
  • prayer = prayer
  • priest = priest, priest
  • priestess = priestess
  • procession = procession
  • prophet = prophet
  • psalm = psalm
  • purgatory = purgatory
  • Qu'ran = Koran (there are other forms)
  • rabbi = rabbi
  • Sacred = Sacred
  • Sacrifice =  Sacrifício
  • sacrilege = sacrilege
  • saint = saint
  • sermon = sermon
  • shrine = shrine
  • sin = sin
  • sinner = sinner
  • soul = soul
  • synagogue = synagogue
  • temple = temple
  • temptation = temptation
  • the devil = the devil
  • The Holy Spirit = The Holy Spirit
  • vicar = vicar
  • worship = worship

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