Religion and Theology Research Paper Topics Ideas

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Today in this text we will be sharing a full list of themes for Research Paper and Monographs on Religion, Theology or Religious Teaching. The list also presents themes and suggestions for other types of academic work such as listings, abstracts, scientific articles, reviews and many others. I hope you make good use of this list of ideas for academic work in theology training.

Choosing the theme of Theology and Religion is the most significant decision that the student needs to make for an optimal development of the Academic Work, which ends up culminating in some apprehension and questions.

Among the numerous choices of themes for the Monograph and Research Paper, an assertive choice will enable the student to prepare their Research Paper with much more dexterity and less discouragement.

First, before we begin the list of themes for the Religion monograph, I intend to suggest suggestions for improving your work.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Religião

Tips for Academic Religious Work

See below for tips for preparing your academic paper on Religion, great tips for your Research Paper or Monograph:

  • If you already work or know what you want to work with, look for topics related to your area of activity. You must have theme compatibility;
  • Also think about the bibliography, check if there is enough reference material for this theme of the Monograph;
  • Consult your Tutor – It is important that the guiding Educator agrees with the topic;

List of Ideas and Themes for Monograph and Research Paper on Religion and Theology

See below for some ideas for creating academic papers such as Research Paper and Monograph on Religion:

  • The entrance of sin according to theology;
  • The power of prayer according to the teachings of Theology;
  • The importance of spirituality for society;
  • The importance of religions for socially disadvantaged peoples;
  • The Word of God celebrated by Theology;
  • The relationship of theology with science;
  • liturgical action, celebration and sacrament;
  • Old Testament and Biblical Theology;
  • Theological communities of Brazil;
  • Controversies of different religions from the perspective of Theology.
  • Christ in the theological questions of the profession;
  • Difficulties and problems presented by different religions;
  • Canon Law;
  • Ecclesiology;
  • Theological Ethics;
  • Eucharist;
  • Hebrew;
  • History of Theology in the world;
  • Introduction to Philosophy;
  • Introduction to Psychology;
  • Introduction to Sociology;
  • Fundamental liturgy;
  • Temporal Liturgy;
  • Religious Ministries and the Professions of Theologians;
  • Christian mission in the world;
  • The concept of missiology;
  • The Lord's Day and its importance for religious;
  • The study of philosophy in theology;
  • The biblical holy baptism from the perspective of theology;
  • Communication Ministry;
  • Religion: weight or liberation;
  • World Religions;
  • Representativeness of Christians in world societies;
  • Revelations from the world of Theology;
  • Sacramentology;
  • Sacraments of Initiation.
  • Holy Trinity;
  • Biblical Theology;
  • Christian theology;
  • Ecumenical Theology;
  • Spiritual and Priestly Theology;
  • spiritual theology;
  • Feminist Theology;
  • fundamental theology;
  • Fundamental Theology;
  • mystical theology;
  • modern theology;
  • Moral theology throughout Latin America;
  • Pentecostal Theology;
  • systematic theology;

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Religião

How to structure your Religious Education Research Paper

The way of structuring the Research Paper of Religion must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Research Paper Cover of Religion (Required)
    2. Spine of Research Paper of Religion (Optional)
  2. Pre-Textual Theme Elements
    1. Cover page of the Research Paper (Required)
    1. Subject Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Research Paper Dedication (Optional)
    4. Work Acknowledgments (Optional)
    5. Monograph title (Optional)
    6. Abstract in the vernacular language of the Research Paper (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. List of TCC Illustrations (Optional)
    9. List of Subject Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Subject Symbols (Optional)
    12. Research Paper summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Theme development (Required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Work References (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)