Prepositions in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will see a small table and example sentences with prepositions in Portuguese and English. But what is preposition? In short, it is the act or effect of preposing, of putting before or before. It is literally a grammatical, invariable word that links two elements of a sentence, establishing a relationship between them.

Prepositions are small words or phrases that usually follow a verb, refer to a noun and indicate the position of the noun in space or time. If you have not yet understood these technical terms of the language, seeing the table below you will better understand their function.

Prepositions in Portuguese and English

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
The at
with with
against against
in of, from
in in, on
in between between, among
about towards, about
for for, in order, by
per for, through, along, via
on on, over
without without
around of around
Close of near
far from far from
in front of in front of
under below, under
in front of opposite
behind behind
upon above
up until till, until
since from, since

Example sentences

I'm on the farm.
I'm in the farm.

We stayed in an inn.
We stayed at a inn.

They are at home.
They are at home.

We need help.
We need help.

She came home.
She returned home.

I like wine.
I like wine.

I have to endure this.
I have to put up with this.