Polyglot Motivation

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras” today we are going to meet some polyglots to motivate us to continue learning languages.

Jimmy Mello

Something that really caught my attention in his work is the languages ​​he teaches with his method, it goes far beyond English and Spanish, I will leave his video speaking the languages ​​he speaks, but it is worth taking a look on the channel youtube, he gives excellent learning tips.

To know his website Click here

Timmy Toner

This boy does not only speak English or Spanish, among his 20 languages ​​is Pashto, Farsi and Hindi in addition to the exotic Hausa:

Hugues Baudrillart

This math teacher explains in this video his experience with languages ​​and speaks a little of his 24 languages, ATTENTION: Enjoy in moderation!

Richard Simcott

In this video he demonstrates his skill with 16 languages ​​with incredible fluency.

Vladimir Skultety

In this video he changes languages ​​with immense speed:

Readers the objective of this article was to give motivation to those who want to be polyglot or learn some language, and increase their desire to continue studying ... If you also speak more than 4 languages, send us the link to your Youtube video on the Facebook page that we will be happy to put your video in future posts.

Just for today… until next time!