Household places in French

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras” today we will learn some parts of the house in French. A useful vocabulary for the French student, especially if you live in a country that speaks that language or intend to rent a house, apartment or enrich your vocabulary, in any way, take advantage of those words.


Portuguese Francês
House La Maison
Apartment L´ appartement
Door La Port
Bedroom) La Chambre
Living room Le Salon
Kitchen La Cuisine
Garage Le Garage
Nightstand La table de chevet
Tap le robinet
Bathroom (bathe) La Salle de bain
Entrada / tirar sapatos Le passage
garden Le jardin
Sleeping mattress Le matelas
Hall Le couloir
Key La Clef
Window La Fenêtre
Wall Le Mur
Andar / piso / cama L´étage
Couch Le Canapé
Carpet Le tapis, Le carpette
bedroom Le Chambre
Ceiling Le plafond
Attic Le grenier
Toilet Le toilette
Basement La cave
Attic Le grenier
Pantry Le garde-manger
Office Le bureau
Bathroom (other needs) Le toilette
Double bedroom La chambre double
Dining room La salle a manger
Building L’immeuble
Roof Le toit
Chimney La cheminée
Floor Le sol
Ladder L’escaliers
Elevator L’ascenseur

Let's learn some expressions?

Is it a garage? - Do you have a garage?

How available when? - When is it available?

C´est meublé? - It is furnished

Le tapis est vieux - The carpet is old.

Le jardin a besoin d´eau - The garden needs water (to be watered)

What is the loyer for? - How much is the rent per month?

Combien de Chambre? - How many rooms do you have?

Dear “AP” readers, we hope that these vocabularies will help you to improve your French.