Places and objects of the house in Portuguese and English

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Hello Readers of “Learn Words” today we will learn some parts of the house in Portuguese and English. A useful vocabulary for the English student, especially if you live in a country that speaks that language or intend to rent a house, apartment or enrich your vocabulary, in any way, take advantage of those words.

House and garden places

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês 
front porch shed
banheiro bathroom
banheiro shower room
banheiro toilet
swing swing
mail box letterbox
dustbin dustbin
way path
flower bed flower bed
basement cellar
fence fence
kitchen kitchen
pantry utility room
input hall
herbs weeds
flow drain
stairs stairs
office study
clothesline clothes line
greenhouse conservatory
greenhouse greenhouse
flower pot hanging basket
flowers flowers
garage garage
gravel gravel
vegetable garden vegetable garden
garden front garden
lake pond
washbasin lavatory
garden furniture. garden furniture
landing landing
pool swimming pool
plants plants
orchard orchard
gate gate
courtyard patio
attic room. loft
room bedroom
backyard back garden
grass lawn
Street drive
living room. living room
living room. lounge
dining room. dining room
living deer hedge
sun room sun lounge
attic attic
trampoline trampoline
logs logs
vase flowerpot

Household objects and furniture

The number of objects and furniture in a house is huge, so let's put just a few:

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
bedside lamp lampshade
sleeping pillow. pillow
pillow cushion
sideboard sideboard
apparatus stereo
beverage cabinet. drinks cabinet
armário wardrobe
archive filing cabinet
Vacuum cleaner hoover ou vacuum cleaner
bathroom scale. bathroom scales
bucket bucket
Bank stool
bathtub bath
cloakroom coat stand
bibelô ornament
hanger coat hanger
chair chair
big chair armchair
fuse box. fuse box
trash can. dustbin
crate bin
double bed. double bed
single bed. single bed
bed bed
lamp lamp
doormat doormat
carpet carpet
waste paper bin. waste paper basket
blanket blanket
mattress mattress
game console. games console
curtains curtains
comfortable chest of drawers
comfortable dressing table
alarm clock alarm clock
duvet duvet
scouring pad mop
mirror mirror
sponge sponge
bookcase bookcase
bookcase bookshelf
iron. iron
token plug
photography picture
pillowcase pillowcase
turntable record player
light switch light switch
lanterna torch
Gas fireplace gas fire
electric fireplace electric fire
Blu-ray player Blu-ray player
CD player CD player
DVD player DVD player
sheet sheet
dishwasher cupboard
door handle door handle
door handle door knob
bedside table. bedside table
coffee table coffee table
table table
washing machine. washing machine
clothes dryer. spin dryer
Wallpaper wallpaper
blinds blinds
piano piano
indoor plant houseplant
shovel and broom dustpan and brush
Poster poster
painting painting
radiator radiator
drain plughole
Wall clock clock
radio radio
Secretary desk
sofa-bed sofa-bed
couch sofa
cover plug
carpet rug
telephone telephone
tablecloth tablecloth
face towel flannel
towel towel
power plug plug socket ou power socket
cold water tap. cold tap
hot water tap. hot tap
tap tap
TV TV (abreviatura detelevision)
ironing board ironing board
vase vase
broom broom