How can education transform and develop a country? 

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THE education it is an important tool for seeking change in a country. It can make citizens much more critical, able to understand the changes around them and how to impact the world more effectively. This type of action is essential to build new spaces.

Many people say that education is a powerful weapon, and this comparison is not wrong. In fact, it is much more powerful to use education as a transformative tool than effective weapons.

Through teaching, a person can seek to improve their life, gain more knowledge and improve their quality of life, and can even get a job in a environmental consulting company.

In addition to becoming a transmitter of this knowledge, presenting ideas to their peers.

It must be borne in mind that education itself is a political act. The potential for social transformation that education can offer is essential for a person to be able to identify how much can be worked on these concepts.

It is important to bear in mind that political action is not the same as partisan action. Many people are afraid to make political demonstrations because they do not want to be linked to a specific party or candidate.

However, all actions in his life are political, and education is aggrandizement in the sense that it can contextualize the movement and make him understand how political his actions are, regardless of support with parties and acronyms.

Many people forget, but education is one of the fundamental rights of the human being, it is an important tool for the development and improvement of a country as a whole, and not just of the individual in particular.

People with more education tend to get better jobs, such as doing architectural design, thus increasing their income and thus their purchasing power. The more this type of transaction is carried out, the better the country is economically.

Because of this, education ends up playing an important role in the development of any country, be it social, economic or even cultural, presenting new models of art and culture for general appreciation.

With all this in mind, Brazil created a tool to assist the educational process, known as the Law of Education Guidelines and Bases. The main objective of this law is to guarantee the right to education for the entire Brazilian population.

In its text, free and quality education is offered to all people, eliminating the restrictions that prevent people with low income from fitting into more advanced education profiles.

In addition, the guidelines and bases include:

  • Valuing the education professional;
  • Establishment of the duties of the public power;
  • Teacher training;
  • Teaching structure.

All these items seek a constant improvement in the teaching process, presenting important elements for the population and guaranteeing that education will always be a concern among elected rulers.

The LDB is also very important for professionals in the field, who must monitor any change in the law, as it dictates their professional rights and duties. This makes many education professionals become activists in this process.

Although the LDB is an excellent initiative, there are still many barriers to putting the law into practice, which makes education professionals true inspectors, struggling to guarantee more rights and quality of education for the entire population.

Quality basic education is one of the biggest focuses of educators across the country.

It works as the first contact of children with the educational structure, and must be done with quality to encourage young people to stay in school, creating more effective contact tools in the long term.

Education in social transformation

Now that you understand a little more about the importance of education, it's time to identify some of the main elements that have a direct relationship with education, elements that are fundamental for the improvement of a nation and for transformation.

It is important to keep in mind that these items can only be achieved with the effort and dedication of several professionals involved, and that education alone cannot make all the changes even with a good process management.

However, it is one of the main points for this type of activity, and social transformation is highly dependent on its results, which makes many education professionals actively seek these activities.

Combating Poverty

Education is responsible for the empowerment of citizens. The more qualified, the greater the job opportunities, heating up the job market and ensuring more financially effective results.

A person with the right qualifications can develop skills to work even with environmental advice, thus helping through knowledge to change their reality.

A person with a graduate degree, for example, is far above a person who is not literate, in terms of employment opportunities as well as in terms of salary. Being more apt in relation to the job market to perform functions as a topographic survey service.

Therefore, the more people who are formally educated, the greater the chances of impacting a country's finances. Many people are able to lift themselves out of poverty when they are formally educated.

Schooling is one of the most important elements for any job, and it allows you to significantly increase the value you receive for a job you do.

Therefore, it is very important that you always look for ways to stay ahead in education so that you can get better paying jobs, such as in the area of engineering service. Another important point is working with universities.

Placing low-income and public students in higher education is still a challenge, largely because of the difficulty in paying tuition at private universities and the difficulty of getting into a public university.

By changing this type of condition, you get a much better trained professional, ready to work in your area with much more knowledge and expertise to develop services such as scaffold assembly, or other function that requires a specialist.

economy growth

As a reflection of the fight against poverty, the better the salaries of professionals in a country, the greater the financial injection into the economy, as people begin to have more purchasing power in their hands.

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of a country represents its economic capacity, and is closely related to the education of its population. Increasing jobs also helps to create much more effective and functional consumption.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) closely monitors the GDP growth of countries that invest in education, and shows relevant numbers on this issue.

The working country's domestic capital also increases the amount of taxes that can be collected, and if used correctly, can reflect in several improvements for the country, especially with regard to education.

Because of this, investment in education ends up working in several other points of the country's economy, ensuring a much more satisfactory result in relation to consumption and the correct use of money in national investment.

The social improvements that are achieved by this process end up being much stronger than in countries that do not have this type of concern.

Health promotion

Education not only impacts financial knowledge, it also helps with a number of other important societal issues. Health promotion is one of them, since the more knowledge people have of this type of action, the better their habits will be.

Many diseases have been drastically reduced after the impact of education on them, allowing the population to deal with this type of issue much more effectively. In addition, you can create awareness campaigns.

Other serious problems in most people, such as those related to smoking and obesity, can be addressed through public policies, which help people who are going through the situation while educating others about the harm of this type of action.

Education is directly linked to the health of the population in the sense of preventing and teaching about the most varied health issues, allowing future generations to have a much better quality of life in the long term.

This type of activity ends up directly impacting these people, optimizing their work and ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for the entire population, always seeking to teach and educate more and more.

Final considerations

Education is directly related to social transformation, and it is primarily responsible for understanding and awareness of the rights and duties of each citizen, protecting them and creating a more satisfactory environment for all people.

Because of this, it is very important that you know how to deal with these issues properly, whether in your municipality, state or even in the country. Education must be a transforming power, optimizing these issues even more.

In this way, the generations that will come in the future will be in a much more suitable environment for them, not being forced to go through a series of difficulties that are faced every day today.

It is worth remembering that just as the law requires the use of epi equipment in some activities, basic education is mandatory and fundamental for the growth and development of the nation.

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