Paid vs. Free - Is it worth paying for a product?

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In several areas today it is possible to find paid products, free and pirated versions of the paid products. Be it film, game, course, application, program, books, videos and etc. Unfortunately we live in a country where taxes dominate, and where the majority of the population does everything to get it for free. But sometimes there comes a time when we need to buy something, is it worth it?

You don't want to be a pirate, but you know similar products that are cheaper or free, do I stay with them? Or do I disburse my money with something of greater value?

Free Options

Currently there are several free options for programs, courses and applications that teach languages, marketing and others. All of this is just a facade, most of these products will always offer a more complete version that is paid for. Even content creators on websites and YouTube channels will offer a product to earn their income.

And you, sometimes feel satisfied to buy and help this person who provided you with a lot of free content. When you pay for the product, even if there are ways to get it for free, you have greater responsibility and appreciation for the product. I already got some courses for free and I was unable to take any of them.


Free options will not always solve your problems. If you are going to invest in your future, in knowledge in your business, it is worth every possible investment. Think about how much money you throw away buying food that gives you satisfaction for a short time? Investing in things of value, even if it is expensive, can provide a lasting and satisfying experience, and even open doors for your future.

Of course there is a lot of free content that you can enjoy, like the tips and content on our website and others. But if you find something that interests you, do not be discouraged just by being paid, stop being a mole and make your investment. Want to know the benefits of digital courses and products? 

Pirate Options

Another great enemy of products is piracy. This is due to the loss of millions to producers, so they feel obliged to charge an amount that you consider absurd in these products.

If nobody did piracy, all products would be much cheaper. Sometimes some producers don't even care that their course or product is pirated, but this ends up hurting affiliates who gain from the few sales they lose thanks to piracy.