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Cumprimentos em Alemão

Greetings in German

Hello “Learn Words” Readers, today we are going to learn some typical greetings in German, if you are learning this beautiful language,

Cumprimentos em Coreano #1

Korean Greetings # 1

Hello “Learn Words” Readers, are we going to learn how to greet in Korean? In this article we will see a little about the greetings

Bebidas em chinês mandarim

Drinks in Mandarin Chinese

In today's article we are going to look at a complete list of beverages in Chinese, including alcoholic beverages. We recommend that you have basic knowledge of pronunciation.

Idiomas Tonais #2

Tonal Languages ​​# 2

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” in this article we will give Sequence of tonal languages, in case you did not read our first article,

Alfabeto árabe

Arabic alphabet

Hello Friends of “Learning Words” are we going to learn a little about writing Arabic today? As we explained in the article

Insultos e palavrões em Árabe

Arabic insults and profanity

Not everyone likes to swear, I myself don't like this society full of swearing and slang with sexual connotations. But

Lista Profissões no idioma chinês

Chinese Language Professions List

In this article you will learn the professions, occupations, services and jobs in Chinese language. The list below presents a Chinese vocabulary.