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Lugares da casa em Francês

Household places in French

Hello Readers of “Learn Words” today we are going to learn some parts of the house in French. A useful vocabulary for the student

Partes do corpo humano em árabe

Human body parts in Arabic

Hello Learn Words Readers! In this article we are going to learn human body parts in Arabic. This list is in alphabetical order and

Números em árabe #1

Arabic numbers # 1

Hello Learn Word Readers, today we are going to learn some Standard Arabic numbers. In this article we will focus on numbers not on

Motivação Poliglota

Polyglot Motivation

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” today we are going to meet some Polyglots to motivate us to continue learning languages. Jimmy Mello

Membros da família em francês

French family members

Salut mes amie de “Apprend Parole” comment ça va? Today we are going to learn how to say some members of our family in

Árabe Egipcio

Egyptian Arabic

Hello Friends of Learning Words, in this article we will continue with expressions in the dialects of the Arabic language, today we are going to learn

Livros da bíblia em Árabe

Arabic Bible Books

The bible is one of the most translated books in the world, found in over 2,500 languages, complete or in parts.

Árabe Libanês

Lebanese Arabic

Hello “Learning Words” Readers, we are going to continue our articles on expressions in Arabic dialects, and today we will see a little

Dialogo em Chinês #1

Chinese Dialogue # 1

Hello “Learn Words” Readers are we going to learn simple phrases in Chinese? this article is based on videos made by the

Meios de transporte em Francês

French means of transport

In today's article we will learn the means of transport, vehicles and automobiles in French. We recommend that you already know the pronunciation