The Enlightened, Stephen King - Review

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In The Shining, Jack Torrence gets a job as a janitor at an old hotel, and thinks it will be the solution to his family's problems - they will no longer experience difficulties, his wife will no longer suffer and his son, Danny, will be able to have pure air to get rid of strange convulsions. But things are not as perfect as they seem - there are evil forces lurking in the old corridors. The hotel is an open wound of resentment and a desire for revenge, and, inevitably, a clash between good and evil will have to be fought.

For those who follow our blog, you must have noticed the love we have for the works of this wonderful author, Stephen King. And The Enlightened One could not go without review, being one of this writer's greatest classics.

O iluminado, Stephen King - Resenha

The enlightened and its plot

The book O iluminado, was launched in 1977, constantly having new re-releases. The book tells the story of the Torrance family, which consists of father Jack Torrance, mother Wendy and the couple's son, Danny.

And the Hotel Overlook, which is located in the mountains of Colorado. This hotel is “inaccessible” in the autumn and winter, due to the large amount of snow that falls in that region.

And that's when our Jack finds his job. After numerous twists and turns in the family's life, Jack, who was a professor of literature at a large school, and now finds himself unemployed. However, through the appointment of a great friend, Jack manages to deliver the caretaker in the Overlook. Responsible for taking care of this hotel in the period when it will be closed. And knowing that at the hotel, everything will be fine Jack sees the chance to finish the book he has been writing for some time.

Except what Jack didn’t expect was that this hotel had a kind of “Life infiltrated into the walls”. Something that your son Danny has been feeling for a while. But, how does a little child “feel” that something is wrong with a hotel ?! It is there that the book takes shape and awe, characteristic of the beloved Stephen King.

The plot will show something that is crucial to the development of the book, which is the story behind the character Jack Torrance. Which is his childhood, traumas, and the problem that has been chasing him for years: Alcoholism and the father example in childhood. Which ends up making the book a different kind of terror than many that were written at the same time as the Enlightened One. That is terror not only through monsters and scenes extremely well built to induce fear. But yes, for small gloomy situations that make the story even more terrifying. Making you curious about each next chapter.

 “Everything that is a big hotel has its scandals […]. Just like every big hotel has a ghost. ”

My opinion about The Shining

The enlightened one, it wasn't for me that book that took my sleep, or something. However, it is nowhere near a weak book in terms of terror. On the contrary, it gives you psychological distress. Letting you take care of every “movement” that happens within the plot.